Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday and Molly's Birthday

We spent a beautiful Easter Sunday in Pinehurst with Grandma and Grandpa Scribner and the Swansons.  Grandma Mary was in charge of the beautiful Easter Musical program for their congregation's Easter Sunday, taught a great Relief Society lesson, and fed us an incredibly yummy Easter lunch.   She is amazing! 

 We also got to meet this little guy.  Ryan very tentatively asked me if he could hold him.  Eli is a very strong and wiggly guy and I couldn't tell how Ryan felt.  But when we got in the car, he talked about how cute Eli is all the way home.

In case any of you are wondering why I posted 3 different pics of the kids instead of a group pic, here is your answer below.  This one of Ryan pretending to throw up is honestly the best one we were able to get. All the others are pretty similar. Or worse.  These three kids just have way too much fun being silly and laughing together to pay any attention to us or the camera.

My Ry-guy has especially started performing for the camera.  Not many people ever get to see this side of Ryan.  He probably would not be happy if he knew I shared it.

We also ate cupcakes down there in honor of Molly's birthday.

In the morning she opened her presents from us.  She was so animated and cute as she opened them, we ended up video recording her opening presents, instead of taking pictures, so I don't have many of those.  :(  But she did get Molly and Emily mini American Girl Dolls.  Molly's best girl friend's name is Emily.  And Emily wears glasses.  So Molly took AG Molly's glasses, and gave them to AG Emily.

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