Sunday, April 6, 2014

Little Purple Pansies

"He who has a garden and a library wants for nothing.” 
― Cicero

We have done nothing in March except prepare our home to be placed on the market.  Even with amazing family and friends who have helped out so very much,  it has still been a bit overwhelming, as anyone who has done this before will understand.  Of course we are over a week behind schedule.  Anyone who knows me will understand why not being on schedule, I kind of had a wee bit of a panic attack Saturday morning when we hit speed bump number 79. I have not been the most pleasant or patient of mothers these past few weeks.  I just wanted to do something fun with my children and forget all about anyone we had hired to help us.  So I left the frustrations inside the house and took my little ones outside to plant flowers.  What is it about dirt and sunshine and water and roots and children that is so healing?  We laughed.  We got dirty.  We planted flowers that those who live here afterwards can hopefully enjoy.  We had a glorious time.  And I felt renewed to face the other speed bumps that popped up in our path the rest of the day. 

Andrew asked me to take a picture of him pretending to sneeze, since he has seasonal allergies and insists he is allergic to all flowers.


Proof that these two DO know how to work together.

I couldn't help but sing "Little Purple Pansies" all weekend long afterwards, either.  Now it will be stuck in your head.  I pray that we will be able to learn to brighten up a new little corner of the world and no matter "dark the day or sunny" I can try to be a more positive and happy Mommy in the midst of all of this.

  1. 1. Little purple pansies, touched with yellow gold,
    Growing in one corner of the garden old;
    We are very tiny but must try, try, try
    Just one spot to gladden, you and I.
  2. 2. In whatever corner we may chance to grow,
    Whether cold or warm the wind may ever blow,
    Dark the day or sunny, we must try, try, try
    Just one spot to gladden, you and I.

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