Saturday, April 26, 2014

Molly's Horsey Birthday Party

When Molly's Aunt Rachel had a Western Themed Farewell party this fall, Molly decided then and there that she was going to have a REAL HORSEY party for her birthday.  We threw her a REAL HORSEY party at Cash Lovell Stables today, and it was everything she had hoped for and more! 

Molly adores horses.  She has two toy stables, toy horses, a horsey bedroom, and horsey clothes.  She does not ever remember riding a horse.  She LOVES the IDEA of horses, but when we actually tried to get her to stand next to a horse for a picture when we first arrived, she froze.  Exactly as she did when she met her favorite princesses at Disney World.  

Luckily, a talented face painter was on hand to help Molly relax.  

She loved her tiger face.  Horses and tigers on the same day = Molly Heaven! 

Her friends loved their cool designs, too.

Wilbur the pig dressed up in a Tutu for the occasion,  Molly got to feed him a peppermint.

Once our friends arrived, our party hostess taught us how to be safe around horses.

Then Molly and her guests rotated through an art activity, the face painting station, and riding horses.

Molly was a little cautious at first.  I was not sure she would ask to ride again.

But then she decided that the horse named Brass was "AWESOME" and wanted to ride Brass over and over again!

Ryan decided that riding horses was awesome, too.  He wants to return on Monday....and every day next week.  Not that you would know by the expression in any pictures, but he LOVED horseback riding!

Molly has asked all year if Emily would be at her party, since she was in Guatemala and missed last year's party.  She was so very happy to have her there.  (As well as her Nana and Papa).   She asked me several times this week if Rachel would be at her next birthday party.  She says it will be a Little Mermaid/Dolphin/Swimming Party, and that Rachel will "LUB" it.

We try not to use our kitchen for big baking projects right now, so my friend Aenea made these beautiful and yummy pink lemonade cupcakes. I seriously have the most amazing friends.  Really in serious denial about having to leave here.

It took Molly a few tries to blow out her candle.

Molly loved opening her presents from her friends.  She is very expressive in her gratitude.  She says that being thankful is one of her talents.  It is one of my very favorite things about her.

Molly gave each of her friends a cowboy hat, a bandanna, a Pony, and a free riding lesson.  If you live local and have never been to Cash Lovell Stables, I highly recommend it.  The party was so fun.  They were great with our kids.

Here is picture proof that Andrew was at the party, too.  Apparently he is now too old for face painting and decided that once was enough on the horse. Watching your kids grow up is hard.  But I am grateful that I have three wonderful children who grow even more incredible with each passing year.  My heart is full. 


Rebekah said...

very cute! Happy birthday!

mackyton said...

Molly's Horsey Birthday Party was superb. Entire party is looking very enjoyable and I like the idea of face painting for the kids. I am so grateful that you posted all these photos from the bash. At some New York venues we will also be hosting a cute mermaid themed party for our girl. Hopefully it will also be an enjoyable party.