Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ryan is Seven

We have had a super fun-filled weekend celebrating Ryan's seventh birthday!    Ryan wanted to go to school on his birthday and party with his classmates, so I came to class and read "I'm A Shark" by Bob Shea, a book he loves. 

Ryan gave everyone fossilized shark teeth and then we went outside to have frozen fruit fins (aka Trader Joes yummy Popsicles). 

After school got out, we drove down to Fort Mill to have dinner with Daddy at a fun place called the Big View.  They made an awesome ice cream split for Ryan.  

We went back to our friends' home and opened presents there. Ryan was very excited to get Legos and a Plasma ball.  We spent the night there and played with our friends. The next day we looked around the area we are moving and took Ryan to see Rio 2, a movie he had really wanted to see.  We headed home late Friday night. 

His original plan was an elaborate Harry Potter party here at our home with all of his classmates and all of his friends from church and all of his cousins.  But as our home is on the market, he very reluctantly agreed that we could do something different this year.  He decided that if he could not have a party at home, the next best thing would be a party with Chuck E. Cheese! We let him invite six friends from church (and one cousin) to come celebrate with us.  (Partying with Chuck E. Cheese is a little too pricey to invite all 20 classmates). Ryan had a wonderful time.  I really missed planning all the little details, and did not feel as much a part of celebrating my fabulous little boy, but I don't think he noticed any difference or could have enjoyed himself anymore than he did with all of his friends.  

He chose his daddy to go with him into the Ticket Blaster.  They got over 1000 tickets together!!!

 Since we were out of town, my sister and mom made the cupcakes for Ryan.  They were awesome!  The kiddos loved them! (As did the adults, lucky enough to get one).

After his party, we took Ryan to Build-A-Bear and Ryan built a Karate Monkey that he named...Ryan.  

I love my not-so-little-anymore "Ry-guy."  He is still a cuddle bug.  He claims that cuddling is his very best talent.  He loves to laugh, be silly, and have fun.  He is an observer.  Ryan notices the little things.  Haircuts, new decorations, flowers blooming, new shoes.  He loves his siblings.  He is an incredible builder, an excellent math student and reads several grade levels above first grade.   He likes science a lot, especially studying animals and space.  Ryan loves familiarity.  He is a sweet friend.  I am so very proud to be his Mommy.   Happy Birthday!  I love you!  

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