Sunday, July 13, 2014

39 Intentional Acts of Kindness

This is the third year that I have participated in the Birthday Project.  I was inspired by a post on this blog.  The plan was to do one act of kindness for each year of my life.  Some were for my family, some for strangers, some were for friends.  None were expensive or life changing.  Just small little purposeful acts of kindness. My parents came down and the 7 of us went around Charlotte and Indian Land in an attempt to bless our new community with 39 intentional acts of kindness.  I did not get to take pictures of each act of kindness, but kept a list here.  In the past I have chosen not to really blog about what we are doing, because I did not want to appear that we were bragging, and I really dislike pictures of myself.  However, I decided this year, that I wanted to record it, so that when my children turn 39, they could remember how their mother chose to spend her birthday in gratitude for the beautiful life that Heavenly Father has given her.  Here is our list and pics.   :) 

************ Make sure you check out what happened to us after #36.  It was awesome! 

1-Made cookies for my children, so they would not feel sad about all the ones we gave away. 

2-We left bubbles at our apartment's playground.

3-The boys vacuumed my van.

4-We left a new inflatable toy at our apartment's pool in hopes some little kid would find it.

5-We bought school supplies for the fill the bus campaign at Chad's work.

6-We brought cookies to the main office of our apartment. 

7-We saw a man moving in to our apartments and gave him cookies and offered to carry boxes.

8-I was born in Charlotte and wanted to do something at the place where I was born. We brought flowers to the nurses at Presbyterian Hospital. 

9- I also brought board books to a new mom at the hospital.

10-We left a boy coloring book and crayons in a waiting area.

11-We left a girl coloring book and crayons in a different waiting area.

12-We left a word search book and pen in a third waiting room. 

13- We paid parking for the person behind us at the hospital. 

14-We left a Book of Mormon at the restaurant where we ate lunch.  (In honor of my little missionary sister who could not be here to celebrate with us). 

15-I left a copy of my very favorite book, The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom, at a new neighbor's house who has been very friendly to me. 

16-We left bubbles at our new home's playground

17-A second bottle of bubbles to new playground

18- A hula hoop to new playground at our new home

19-We left popcorn on a Redbox at Walgreens.

20-We left popcorn at a Redbox at Harris Teeter.

21-We took carts back for shoppers at Harris Teeter.

22-We took cookies to the Indian Land EMS department.

23-We left popcorn at Redbox at a Publix.

24-26-We added quarters to 3 shopping carts at Aldi.  

27-28- We left popcorn at two Redbox machines in Walmart.

29-Left quarters at a drink machine

30-32-Left quarters for games at 3 video games.

33-The children put coins in a children's hospital donation jar.

34-We circled the parking lot at Target until we saw a pregnant woman and gave her flowers.  

35-We took a cart back at Target for someone. 

36-We gave stickers to a little girl at dinner. *************************

37-Left a very large tip to our waitress after dinner.

38-Gave cookies to our upstairs neighbors who are our first new friends we have made here.  

39-I took my kiddos to the pool, even though it was way past their bedtime and had a great time playing ball with all of us.  Started and ended the day serving my most precious treasures.

****At dinner, we gave a little girl stickers to play with while she waited for her food.  The little girl colored a picture and brought it to me as she and her mom left the restaurant.  When our meal was finished, the waitress told us that the mom of the little girl we gave stickers to, had paid for dinner for our entire large group.  It was a very touching and sweet act of kindness.  

Thank you to my parents who joined us on our adventures!  I love you! 

And thank you to my super sweet children and amazing hubby who spoiled me rotten this weekend!  I am grateful for all of you!


Holly Bagley said...

What an inspiration you are and always have been to all of us around you. Thank you for posting this and sharing a wonderful tradition. It also gave me some ideas of how to be more spontaneous with service and missionary work! We love you Danielle. I know you had a wonderful birthday, but here is one more birthday wish for a wonderful new adventure in the year ahead in your new home. We miss you!

Dawn King said...

Danielle, You have inspired me to do the same thing. I will be turning the big 4-5 in a few weeks. I better get busy! Thanks for posting this! Love it and I love you!