Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cousin Camp 2014

We held our Fifth Annual Cousin Camp this week here at our little apartment in Charlotte.  Only five out of the 21 cousins were able to come, but we still had a great time!

We started the festivities with a pizza party and swimming at the pool Tuesday evening.  (But none of us thought to bring our cameras)!!!!!

Next we returned to the apartment for a fun night making tie dye t-shirts.  They turned out so stinking cute!

We turned out the lights for a glow in the dark movie and dance party.  Unfortunately all of the pics I took turned out blurry.

The kiddos all slept together in the living room.

In the morning we enjoyed cinnamon rolls and yogurts, then headed out for a super fun scavenger hunt.  We had different tasks to do at each clue, including holding hands, singing songs, jumping jacks, and pretending to be spies.

The end of the scavenger hunt brought us back to the apartment to play with Pop-its.  The kids created a super fun version of hopscotch called Pop-scotch.

We made marshmallow shooters and shot them at the grownups.

We ate lunch and headed to the pool for games.

We taught the kids how to play the Fluffy Bunny marshmallow game.  Alex won with 7 marshmallows in his mouth at once!  It was so funny.

We ended our super fun 24 hour camp with an ice cream sundae bar.

Grateful for fun co-camp counselors who are willing to help create these fun memories with our kiddos!

I love this fun tradition and cannot wait until next year! Hopefully we can have more of us together next year.

To see more of our adventures from previous years, you can click here. 

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