Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fun Around Our New Town

We have had a fun time exploring our new area.  Here are just a few random pics from the last few weeks.  

We got a pass to Discovery Place, so anyone who wants to go with us, let us know! 

Don't you love Ryan's new sense of style.  He picked out this hat and wears it whenever he wants to be cool.

Molly was super brave on the rope bridge, but was not quite so sure about taking her picture with Iron Man.

The boys really wanted to go to a space themed game show activity at the Discovery Place museum.  There were about 50 kiddos in the audience.  The game show host.  Chose Andrew out of the audience first.  Then a little girl.  Ryan wanted to be picked so badly, but I knew there was no way the guy was going to pick Ryan out of the audience, when he had just picked Andrew.  But HE DID!  Ryan was so excited.  Andrew and Ryan answered all of the questions without needing any life lines or on most cases any of the multiple choice options.  The host was pretty impressed with Ryan when he knew the name of the constellation Leo. There was a three way tie for first place, and the announcer told the kids he had never had a group where all of the kids answered all of the questions correctly.  The boys were very excited!  At the end the host pulled out a bucket of sticker tattoos as prizes.  Ryan reached in and grabbed one for himself and his sister.  Andrew politely and seriously replied that he would not like one because he did not believe in tattoos.  Love these sweet kiddos and their individual personalities.

We have spent a lot of time at the libraries here.  I have to say, that the library system here ROCKS!  I thought I wanted a little library with a window seat in my dream house.  I have decided now that what I would really like is a house made out of books.  I wanted to climb in there with Molly so badly, but I was way too big!

My adventurous big boy who has outgrown playgrounds.  I remember when my friends and I all had little toddlers and we would take them to the park.  Oh how upset I would get at those irresponsible parents who let their big kids do dangerous things and run up and down the slides and through the tunnels with toddlers around.  What perspective time and experience give us.

We dressed like cows and went to Chick-fil-a for free food.  I jokingly dared Chad to go on his lunch break without me and the kiddos.  He accepted the dare.  I love this man!

We have 7-Elevens on every corner here, so of course we went to free slurpee day! Our kiddos had never had this sweet experience before.

We spend almost every night at the pool these days.  Molly has turned into quite the little fishy.  She is a way more advanced swimmer than either of her big brothers were at 5.

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