Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

I had the opportunity to help set up Halloween parties for all three kids on Friday.  I am the room mom for Andrew and Molly's classrooms, so I was in charge of organizing their parties.  Ryan's, I just got to help out with.  I had to room hop to all of the parties, so I only got to spend a short time with each of them, but I am glad I got to be there.

When we got home from school, our cousins came to spend the weekend with us! We played the candy pot lid game and ordered pizza.

 Then of course, we got to go trick-or treating together in our new neighborhood, which was AWESOME!  Everyone in our part of the neighborhood sat outside in the driveways and front porches to hand out candy.  We had 100 kids come by before it started to thunderstorm.

Ben and Jen dressed up as a Ghostbuster and a Ghost.

Chad was a very hot Clark Kent.

The kiddos did a great job with their pumpkins this year.  They chose their designs and did them with almost no assistance from us.

Ryan's was Thor's hammer.

Molly painted hers with snowflakes...because "pumpkin insides are soooo yucky, Mommy."

Andrew's Lord of the Rings pumpkin says "One pumpkin to rule them all" in Elvish.

The next morning, the children set up a candy store in Ryan's room and spent several hours sorting and trading candy. I loved doing this with my cousins when I was little.  Watching them brought back so many happy memories.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Apple Bobbing and Candy Games

Pre- Halloween Fun

This weekend was super busy!  We had two soccer games, a school Fall Festival, AND a neighborhood fall festival;

Our new school goes all out for Halloween.  The grade levels all choose a theme and the teachers dress up and the room parents decorate their halls.  The teachers pass out candy and there is a fun dance in the gym.  Our kids got to make their costume debuts there that evening.

Molly is Elsa this year.  Like 37 other girls in her school.  (Yes, Andrew counted how many we passed).  These three other Elsas are good friends from our neighborhood.

Ryan is Thor this year.

Andrew has read the entire Lord of the Rings series this fall, so he decided he wanted to be Aragorn.  Apparently he is a very serious man.

I helped decorate the kindergarten hall.  The teachers chose to do a Lego theme.

Ryan's grade level decorated with a Super Hero theme!

Andrew's hallway was sports themed and I helped decorate it as well.  However Andrew would not allow me to take any pictures of him with his teachers.

On Saturday we had so much fun at our neighborhood party.  The kids decorated pumpkins, we ate yummy chili and pie, and had fun meeting new friends.