Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fall Fun Random Favorites

We have been having a busy and fun fall.  Here are just a few random pics of our Fall Fun, so far.

The Westbrooks came to visit us in our new home.  It was so wonderful to see them.  We went swimming, roasted marshmallows, and played with sparklers.  The time went by way too fast. 

We surprised the kids and met the Thorntons at Dan Nicholas Park on Columbus Day.  The weather was perfect and my children were so happy.  They really miss their friends a lot. (And so do Chad and I).  

The kids go to Indian Land Elementary School.  Here is one of Andrew's projects this fall.  He had to create a totem pole that represents his family. 

The school had Spirit Week and the kids dressed up to represent our alma maters.  The dress Molly is wearing was my little sister, Emily's dress. 

I was lucky enough to get to go with Molly on her class field trip to Aw Shucks farm.  It was beautiful day with super sweet children.  

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