Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hot Cocoa Stand

As parents, we hope to turn our children's hearts outwards year round, to focus on helping others, as we have been taught by our Savior's example.  Especially during the month of December, we want them to think more about giving than receiving.

This year, our children joined together with a few neighborhood friends to host an after school hot cocoa stand for charity.

They chose to raise money for the Children's Cardiomyopathy Foundation, because Molly's closest friend in our new neighborhood has been recently diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy.

The children got together one afternoon and made posters for the event.

Andrew, Ryan, and Molly distributed 200 fliers to our neighbors.  (There are no pictures of Ryan, who was super speedy in his delivery).

And of course, the children ran the hot cocoa stand.  We ordered and received perfect weather for the day.  :)  Over 80 friends and neighbors dropped by and the children raised $320 in the two hours they were open for business.   It was wonderful to see the children work together to serve.  Andrew did not leave the cocoa stand the entire two hours.  He was so dedicated.  Molly and Ryan lasted an entire hour and a half, until they wanted to go play with all of their friends who came by for cocoa.  All three were such great helpers!

The best part of the afternoon was seeing our entire community come together to support a great cause.  We seriously have moved into the best neighborhood.    I love it here!

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