Monday, January 12, 2015

Harry Potter Party

Andrew became sick the night before his planned Harry Potter Birthday Party, so we moved the date to January.  Six of his friends came from Winston-Salem to help him celebrate belatedly.  The party was so fun to throw.  There were so many ideas on pinterest I wanted to try, but I let him select his favorites and we narrowed them down to what we could fit into a three hour party.  Ryan was very distraught that we were not incorporating every single idea into the party.

The Set-Up

The boys were scheduled to arrive through Platform 9 3/4.

We had a table set up with quills, cauldrons, and spell books.

The bathroom carried the appropriate warning.

Olivander's Wand Shop was open for the wizards to find their wands.

And of course we had an Owlery.

Hogwarts would not be complete without a suit of armor.

The Arrival of our Guests

Our Wizards (and one little witch) arrived through the Platform promptly at 12pm.

The Sorting Hat 

After arrival, each guest was sorted into their houses by Professor McGonagall (me) and the Sorting Hat.  Our Sorting Hat allowed each student to choose where he or she would like to be placed.

After the Sorting Ceremony, the students ate Muggle Pizza and drank Butter Beer.

Catch the Golden Snitch
When we had originally planned the party, we were not sure the weather would be nice enough outside for a game of Quidditch.  We decided to make our own indoor modified version.  Very modified.  Okay, really, we played the candy pot lid game with butterscotch candies and called it Catching the Snitch to Potterfy it.  The kids loved playing it!  If you are not sure how to play, here are simple instructions.  Each player has a piece of candy tied to a string and places the candy in a circle touching, while holding on to the other end of the string.  One player holds a large pot lid and rolls a die 3 times.  If they roll a number 1, they try to catch as many pieces of candy as they can, before the other players pull theirs out.  He receives one piece of candy for each one he catches.

Potions Class
After Quidditch practice, the students headed to Potions Class with Professor Snape.  Chad was an amazing Professor Snape.  He had the voice and mannerisms down perfectly.  The boys laughed so hard.

 We got all of our experiments from here and here.  All of these were super fun and super easy.  I highly recommend doing these with your kids on a rainy day.

Our first experiment was Fleeing Spiders.

Our second was Dancing Unicorn Milk

Our third was Rising Lava.

The final Potion was a demonstration by Professor Snape called Erumpent Potion (or elephant toothpaste).

Dueling Spells

The students were each given a spell book with over 100 spells.  They wrote their names inside with quills and headed outside for some spell casting practice.  This was by far the highlight of the party.  The boys were so grateful for the spell books. They kept saying, "This is going to come in so useful."  They spent the next hour outside with their wands and spell books.  We skipped two more activities we had planned, because they were having so much fun.

Happee Birthdae Cake
We ended the party with a cake made by Hagrid himself.

Magic Wands

Chocolate Frogs

And Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans

The boys had a "delightful" time daring each other to eat snot, rotten eggs, dirt, and vomit.

Andrew opened his presents, and then it was time to say goodbye to his guests.  We are so grateful to everyone who made the trip down!  Thank you Aenea and Paige for bringing everyone!  Thank you Professors Krueger and Krueger. We could not have pulled it off without you!

And a special thanks to Professor Snape.  I love this man! Sorry ladies, he is all mine!