Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas in the Pines

We left my mom's on the day after Christmas and headed down to Pinehurst for a couple of days.  Both of Chad's sisters were there with their families and his brother Ben and his family were there.  It was so fun to have so many cousins together.  We did not actually manage to get one of all of them at the same time, but it was a wonderful trip! On Friday the cousins played outside for hours.  We had planned some fun indoor games, thinking the weather might be bad.  But it was perfect!!!

One indoor game we did play was snowball dodge ball.  It was really fun!

Then we headed to the park.  With most of the kids not wearing jackets.  On December 26th.  I love living in the Carolinas!

While we were at the park, we tried to get a pic of all the cousins who were playing at the park. We were not successful.

This is our silly face shot.

In an attempt to get all of the kids in one shot, we turned on the Christmas episode of Studio C.  That was close, but still missing a couple.

We stayed in the same hotel as Lara's family.  Zane had fun playing with my boys and Molly was in heaven with Lara's girls!!!

On Saturday, we had the chance to go to the temple with Shane and Emily and be there with them as they were sealed to their two youngest boys.  It was a beautiful day.   Chad ran to our van to get our camera, but by the time he got back, they had already loaded their hungry kiddos in the car.  We are hoping Chad's Dad has one that works?  So here is a snapshot of their whole family that Kenzie snapped with her phone that weekend.

The temple was the only place we managed to get a whole family shot of Lara's family.  So happy we got to see them!!! 

We were having so much fun enjoying each other, that I don't have very many pics of the adults.  Later that week, Lara's family came and spent a day with us.  Then the next day, Emily's family came.  I have zero pics from those visits, but I had a wonderful time with all of them.    

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