Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas Morning at Home

On Christmas morning, the kids tried waiting "patiently" at the top of the stairs for Daddy to be ready.   

When they got downstairs, they discovered that Santa had been very good to them. Molly had asked for dolls, a teddy bear, and a little sister.  She got two of those things, but Santa brought her a Lego set, crayons and magic markers instead of a sister.  She liked those items, but would have preferred a sister.

Andrew received a Lord of the Rings Ship and two nerf guns.  This was the first year Andrew was in on the magic of Christmas giving.  I could tell it made the morning a little different for him.  I remember that feeling as a kid, too.

Ryan received a Hobbit Lego and two nerf guns as well.  He was so excited!

All of the family received some video games and movies to share.

After seeing what Santa brought for us, we enjoyed monkey bread for breakfast.  Then settled back down on the carpet to open gifts from each other.  The children had gone to the school holiday shop and selected gifts for us.   Each grade level went at different times, so the children did not know what the other bought for us.  I received two necklaces from the children and Chad received three flashlights.   It was pretty awesome!  Ryan did not want to buy me anything at the holiday shop, because I was there helping all day and he didn't want me to know what he picked out.  So he ordered me a popcorn popper online.  It is great!

Molly was so sweet all morning long.  We got some amazing videos of her gratitude.   She was so affectionate, so grateful. She made our Christmas morning magical and really set the tone in our home.  Her enthusiasm was contagious, and the rest of us couldn't help but be cheerful and grateful, too!

She received a bike, books, and a savings bank from Mommy and Daddy.  And, as seen in the video, she received a dolphin Lego from her brothers.

The boys received books from us.  Andrew received simplified versions of the hymns for the piano.  Ryan received a movie we can watch on Sundays.  And they both received tablets as their big gifts.  They were a little bit in shock.  And very excited!!!

This is the view we got of them most of the rest of the week.

The rest of the morning we opened presents from Grandpa Bud, who was very generous to our family, and the kids played with their new toys. 

That afternoon, we packed up our bags and left our house looking just like you see it in all of these pics, and headed to Nana and Papa's home!

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