Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mr. and Mrs. Krueger's Christmas

We headed up in the afternoon to see my parents and arrived as everyone else was leaving, in hopes of not spreading my germs.  I did not get to hug all of my wonderful family, but I did get to see them.

Rachel got to skype with us for 40 minutes.  It wasn't nearly long enough, but it was so wonderful to see her and to hear her voice.  She is doing well and loves her mission.

After we talked to Rachel, it was time to open presents.  Nana had creatively wrapped clues for our family present.

We were all very excited to get to go to Great Wolf Lodge for the first time!  Unfortunately, we had to change the date to a few days later, because of meetings Chad had at work.  Thanks for an awesome gift Mom and Dad!!!  

We opened other wonderful presents from the Kruegers, too.  We all got Wolf jammies to wear on our trip.  The kids each got a movie and books.  Andrew got a Harry Potter patch, Ryan got a toy dagger, and Molly got a scarf.   Ryan bought Lizzie a present at the school holiday shop.  Lizzie loved it!

Here is a picture of my funny parents posing with their gift from us.

Here is the front of it.

As awesome as all of the other gifts we received were, none can compare to the two my mom gave to me.  She created a Family Scrapbook for me with pictures of my ancestors.   And she gave me a journal that she had filled out about her life for me.  I will cherish it always.  

I wish there were more pictures of the evening.  We had a fun time playing a game called Heads Up together and ate yummy food.  I was still so sick though, that I didn't manage to get a lot of pictures.  I had a wonderful time though.  I love my family.  

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