Sunday, February 15, 2015

Andrew's Blue and Gold Banquet Pack 406

I am the Cub Scout Committee Chair in our new ward.  Which is super fun since I have one son already in the program and one who will be in April.  We have great leaders and very supportive families.  This month was our annual Blue and Gold Banquet.  The theme was Knights of the Round Table.

The scouts made all of the decorations, including the backdrop, centerpieces, and family crests.

Andrew designed a family crest to represent our family.  It includes a book, because we love to read, a quill because a Scribner is a writer, and two dragons because they mean valiant.  The blue means truth, the red means warrior, and the orange means worthy ambition.

The Webelos painted the back drop.  Andrew is a Webelo now.

The Bears made these cool dragons for our centerpieces.

The boys and their families made marshmallow catapults for the gathering activity as they arrived.

We opened with a flag ceremony, which Andrew led.

For dinner we served ROUND pancakes, in honor of our knights of the ROUND table.  (I know, cheesy, but they sure were yummy)!

After dinner, the dens presented very "punny" knight themed skits for their families.  One of Andrew's den leaders actually wore chainmail he made himself!!! I told you we have fantastic leaders!

After skits, the boys received awards.  Our Cubmaster had contacted each of the boys' families to share an example of a time their son acted in a knight-like manner.  When he boy came forward, he read the letter to the audience and knighted each scout with swords he had made for them.

The boys loved the swords, but I loved hearing so many wonderful things about these young men.  It is sometimes hard to see the sweet and tender side of 8-10 year old boys when they are together in a large group on a Wednesday night.  However hearing how one defended his sister, another befriended the friendless at school, one was brave in the face of the unknown, and many other wonderful deeds accomplished by these boys, you are reminded that these are sons of our Heavenly Father, chosen to come to earth at this time.  They are among the noble and great ones.  It is humbling to have the privilege to know them.  And even more humbling to be the mother of three of these amazing little people.

We ended the evening with birthday cupcakes...and all the little siblings trying out the throne.

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