Sunday, February 1, 2015

Great Wolf Lodge

My parents gave us a trip to Great Wolf Lodge for Christmas.  On Monday, we picked up the kids early from school and headed up to Concord.  It was our first time visiting, but we certainly hope it is not our last.  It was so much fun! Anyone who knows my kids, knows that they ADORE wolves.  Are obsessed with wolves.  So even if there was nothing else there but Wolf-themed decor, this would have been a dream vacation for them.  At check-in the friendly staff gave each of the kids wolf ears. 

Great Wolf Lodge allows you to use the water park before check-in, so headed down to the water park, changed out of school uniforms and played for the next several hours.  We don't have a lot of pics in the water park. We decided to be in the moment with the kids. We all rode every single water slide our that our height would allow.  Sometimes as a mom, my first instinct is to sit on the sidelines and watch my kids.  But the two days we were there, I rode all of the rides with the kids....but you will just have to take my word, because I won't be sharing any pics of myself in a bathing suit online.  :) 

After two days at Great Wolf Lodge, the kids had mastered the Lilly Pad Crossing and could get across without holding on to the ropes or falling.  All of them were great, but Ryan was especially super speedy. He just ran across them like it was no big deal.  Other kids were seriously studying his technique and parents were telling their children to watch Ryan do it so they could learn how to make it all the way across.   

When the water park was closed, we had a fun time playing Magiquest.  Our friends had given us a wand to borrow, and we all shared it and did the quests together.  Lots of guests were in costume while they played. The children wore their cloaks my friend Dodie made for them. We got lots of compliments on the robes.

The children were able to defeat the dragon before we left.

Even our room was fun.  We stayed in the Kid Cabin.  Each of the kids had their own bed, and the cabin had its on tv.  We had a mini fridge and microwave.  We brought in all of our own food for both days, and splurged for ice cream Monday night for our Family Home Evening Treat.  Nana and Papa had gotten all of us Wolf Pajamas for the occasion.  

It was a fantastic get away from the hustle and bustle of life for 24 hours.   Thank you so much, Nana and Papa!  Can't wait to go back with you.  Anyone else wanting to go, let us know, we would love to join you!  But maybe once Ryan grows one more inch, so he can do ALL of the rides without an adult.  :)  

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