Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentines' Day Weekend

We had a busy and fun weekend! We love Valentines' Day way too much to confine its festivities to one day.

 Molly made this cute mailbox for her Valentines at school.

The boys both gave chips to their classmates with this cute printable attached. 

Molly gave these cute cards for her friends with slap bracelets.

I started out the weekend by throwing Molly's class party on Friday.  Ryan was still home sick and Andrew's teacher didn't want volunteers this time and just asked me to bring cupcakes and juice, so I was able to be in Molly's class the whole time.  I missed being with the boys, but did enjoy staying in for the entire party.

We did 5 center rotations.  We ate cupcakes, colored a fuzzy valentine poster, played with strawberry play dough and heart cookie cutters, played musical hearts, and had fun doing math activities with conversation hearts.

That night, we watched a sappy movie, Savannah Smiles, all snuggled up together.  It is a favorite of mine from childhood.  We usually do a dance party, but with Daddy's broken leg, this was more our speed this year.  

The next morning we woke up to our traditional heart waffles with strawberries and whipped cream.  We gave the children presents for Valentines' Day.  And believe it or not, I forgot to take pictures. Molly received the Ever After High Cupid doll and the boys received Lego books. Then Andrew went on a hike with Scouts.  When he returned, Mommy and Daddy left for our big celebration....we went to see Wicked in Greenville while the kids stayed with a sitter and enjoyed their favorite food, chicken pot pie, for dinner and cupcakes for dessert that the babysitter made for them. 

The play was amazing, and Chad was a great sport hobbling up all those stairs to the balcony on his crutches.  Our fellow audience members were great, too.  They cheered and clapped for Chad as he passed by!

On Sunday, we finished up the rest of our family traditions after church. 

 We had our annual heart stacking see who could make a tower with the most this.

At first, we were all doing it this way.  Andrew had the record this year with 14.  Then Captain Literal decided that building the tower with the most candies was open to interpretation.

So everyone started rethinking their strategies, and the game really ended up in free expression with candy hearts.

Here's Chad's contribution to art.

We enjoyed our traditional fondue for dinner.

And it would not have been Valentines' without cutting out paper hearts and heart attacking the front door to our new home.  

We ended the night playing Monopoly, having family scripture study, and reading the entire Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentines together.  I love my family.  I love spending time together with them. 

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