Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Discovery Place with the Fourth Grade

Andrew's class went to the Discovery Place on a field trip last week, and I was lucky enough to be one of the chaperons.  I had a great group of kids.  They were seriously amazing.  So polite and well behaved.  They made my job easy.  We got to visit the exhibits for about 45 minutes and then watched a wonderful IMAX movie about the South Pacific.  They showed kids the same ages as my kids going off in a canoe alone to another island, without an adult, catching clams, and then starting a fire and eating them.  The kids went into caves alone, swam in the ocean with no adult supervision.  They were so capable and independent.  And while my kids think they have more responsibilities than they should have and that "none of their other friends have to do anything," it was a good reminder to me of how much my children are capable of and how I need to make sure I am giving them more chances to be independent and solve things on their own.  

Perfect picture of my sweet Andrew's personality.  There were three pulleys, hard, harder, hardest.  Although he is by far the smallest one in his grade, he waited in line to try the hardest pulley.  And succeeded! :)

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