Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Weekend 2015

We had lots of fun and lots of company for Easter Weekend.  Our Winston-Salem cousins came to visit us Thursday and Friday.  We had a flashlight egg hunt in the rain, living room sleepover, and went for a hike at the cub scout camp we will be attending all together this summer.  It was so much fun! (Although Molly was not a big fan of hunting in the rain).  We had planned to make s'mores in the fire pit, but because of the rain, we had to have ice cream sundaes instead.  Still yummy, though!

Then Saturday and Sunday, Nana and Papa came to spend time with us.  We dyed eggs and watched all four sessions of conference together.  We had a delicious Easter lunch.  And of course the Easter Bunny visited us.

Since it was conference weekend, the children did not get to to wear their Easter clothes to church, but I had them dress up for a picture anyway.

After the last session of conference, we had our sweet Sister Missionaries over to eat Easter Dinner with our family.  They were delightful!  And it was a perfect way to end our Easter and General Conference weekend.

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