Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mission Accomplished

Rachel returned home from her mission Tuesday with lots of family at the airport waiting to hug her. Andrew made this cute Mission Accomplished sign.  Ryan wrote hello in 30 different languages on his poster.  Most of us wore some pink in honor of our Pink Missionary. 

The kids anxiously looked out the window for her plane to arrive.  It was running a little late.

Once her plane finally did arrive, we watched excitedly as every single passenger from her flight walked by. Including the crew and the pilot.  He told us his plane had been emptied.

Several minutes later, Rachel started to walk towards us.  My dad told her she better start running, so she did!  :)

Then there was lots of hugging. And tears of joy. And more hugging.

Molly made a sign that says "Rachel, I love you.  And Lizzie is going to jump up on you when you get home. Love, Molly."  Then she "decorated" it so well, you could not read the words anymore.  So you will just have to trust me that this is what her poster really says.

We went out to dinner together and then home so Rachel could see her Lizzie.  Lizzie did not recognize her at first, but it did not take her long to remember her best friend.

I am so happy to have Rachel home and so proud of the beautiful woman she is.  I am grateful she is my sister and hope I can be just like her someday!

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