Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Kindergarten Graduation and End of Year Awards

My baby girl graduated Kindergarten today. She has had the most amazing year with the most amazing Kindergarten teachers in the whole wide world.  Molly has blossomed in their classroom.  Not sure who is sadder about the year coming to an end, me or Molly. 

Another wonderful part of kindergarten was making best friends. Molly loves this little girl and wishes she was her sister.

The Special teachers each chose an exemplary student, and Molly was chosen by the Music teacher.  We were very proud of her!

Yesterday, the boys had their award ceremonies.  Andrew earned three awards, Straight A's for the entire year, the highest GPA in Social Studies, and was chosen as the Media teacher's Exemplary Student Award.

Ryan also won two second grade awards.  He earned Straight A's for the entire year and was chosen by the Computer Teacher for an Exemplary Student Award.

I am proud of all my three kiddos for their hard work this year.  It has been a big transition for the boys (and us as parents), to move from Arts Based to a traditional public school.   But the boys have done really well in the new setting.

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