Sunday, June 28, 2015

Cub Scout Day Camp and Summer Bucket List Week 4

Our whole family loves this fun daily show on Youtube called Good Mythical Morning.  They had an episode where they combined two awesome things and said they were Double Awesome.  This week we took cousins who are awesome and Cub Scout Day Camp that is awesome and had a DOUBLE AWESOME week for our Bucket List #25.   Jen, Alex, and Evin came and spent the entire week at our home and went to camp with us each day.  We left our home each morning before 7am and returned around 6pm...just in time to take showers, eat dinner, pack lunches and go to bed so we could get up and do it all again.  The temperatures this week were above 100 each day.  But we didn't hear any complaining from our Happy Campers.  Just smiles!

Jen and I helped run the Me-too program, which is a mini camp for the preschool-aged children of the volunteers.  I made wonderful new friends with ladies I met also volunteering this week.  I was in heaven getting to plan preschool curriculum again and having very messy fun all day with little ones. Spending the week with my amazing Sister in Law is awesome and then getting to pretend to be a teacher again is awesome, so it was another DOUBLE AWESOME this week.

Our Day Camp has a wonderful program for the sisters of the Cubs called Pink Patrol.  They get to do everything the boys get to do. Molly was old enough to participate this year and her cousin Evin joined her.  Molly was the youngest in the group and the smallest.  Which means she was in heaven because she got lots of attention from older girls.

Andrew and Alex were together in an Arrow of Light Den with Andrew's good friend, Adam.

Ryan was in a Wolf Den with some boys from church and got to know them better and now considers them some of his best friends.

Because I was with the Me-toos, I couldn't get pics of each kid at every camp activity.  I think we did manage to get at least one kid at all of the activities though. 

So what did they do at camp?

They all boated.

They all shot BB Guns. And the 4 oldest all got bulls eyes! 

They all went fishing.  All three of my kiddos caught fish this year (although Molly's was with the help of her favorite youth leader). 

They got to go swimming every single day.

They all went to archery.

They all went to an engineering class and got to program a robot and see a 3D printer.

They did crafts this week.  They made lanterns, decorated their headbands/buffs, and helped tie blankets for a service project.

They played sports this week, the favorite of course being Gaga Ball.

Wednesday night was Parents' Night.  There was a food truck, lots of camp songs, and den skits.

And the favorite for most was the climbing tower.  All four of the oldest made it to the top of the tower and Molly even made it half way up.  She had to wear adult jogging pants to help her not slide out of the harness, but she climbed as high as her legs could carry her.  Andrew and Alex also got to repel down the tower.

My kids are already looking forward to next year.  Andrew will get to be a Junior Leader, so we will all still be able to go.

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