Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Bucket List: Week 2

After last week's amazing adventures, we were excited to start week two of summer vacation.

On Monday, we went hiking at Andrew Jackson State Park.  It is only a few miles from our home, but this was the first time we had managed to make it out there.  It will definitely not be the last. What a beautiful place!  We even got to explore the museum, which is usually closed on weekdays. However a nice park employee offered us a tour!

The small museum has interactive displays that the children could explore.

There was an amphitheater that the kids used to perform a skit for me.

There is a beautiful lake with rowboats you can rent, but I wasn't quite sure how to fit all 6 of us in one boat.

We even found a little playground and picnic shelter where we could eat lunch. Molly discovered a baby frog. She was so excited to find it and called everyone over to take a look. She declared that since she had found the frog, that it was a girl frog.

 Everyone else was eager to hold the girl Frog...except Molly.

 Ryan built her a habitat in his lunch box.

Molly happily kept a safe distance on the playground.

After lunch, we went on a mile long nature hike.  We ran into a black snake, a hawk, and a squirrel.  Luckily they were all too fast for me to catch a picture of them.  Especially the snake.  YUCK!!!  Molly was not really happy about the idea of a hike in the woods.  On our last hike she kept yelling she hated nature.  But she held my hand most of the way and told me that she had asked God to help her not be afraid and that He had answered her prayers and made the hike go by super fast so that she could like it better.  She said that the light coming through the trees was God telling her that He heard her prayers and made her feel better.  It was very sweet.

We made it to the pool almost every single day this week, which is something my kids and I were thrilled about.  Simply hanging out at the pool with friends is a big part of our summer plan.

 Aunt Rachel came down for a short visit this week! It was awesome to see her! We went to the pool together and ate a yummy dinner.

Since our family has committed to find ways to help others this summer, we all headed to Cub Scouts Wednesday night after gymnastics to help assemble the bags of food for the Summer Lunch Program for school children locally.  Each Cub (and a couple of little sisters) was given a little shopping list for each week and filled their grocery bags with the needed items.  When one bag was filled, they got another slip and filled another. Together the Cubs filled 100 bags in less than an hour.  After the bags were filled, Chad and I subbed in Ryan's Wolf Den and had a fun time playing games and singing silly camp songs with the boys.

We often pass by an indoor trampoline place while running errands in town, and so it was one of the first places the kids placed on the list this summer.  I found a Groupon for it and headed there Thursday!

While Molly spent most of her time perfecting her flips, Andrew and Ryan spent the hour on the dodge ball court with about 20 other kids and teens. Apparently my boys are pretty good strategists, and managed to be the last two players almost every game!!!

One thing I have really missed since moving and having all three kids in school is hosting Mommy and Me Book Club.  This summer, I have invited a few little girls Molly's age to come over once a month to have their own little girls' book club.  I am also hosting one for my boys and their friends.

For June's Book Club, I invited each little girl to read any American Girl Doll book of her choosing with her parents. They came with the book and three things they liked about the book to share during our discussion time.  They also brought their dolls and were invited to dress up if they wished.

Molly and Addison helped decorate for our book club.

When the girls and their dolls arrived, they made necklaces for themselves and their dolls.

Then we all joined together and took turns sharing our books.

The best part of any book club is the treats! The girls had fun eating and feeding the goodies to their dolls.

 We blew bubbles outside after treats.

And ended book club with a Pass the Flower musical game. I can't wait until next month's Book Club!  I am grateful to my Mom Friends who are willing to do this with me!

 Saturday, we headed to Pinehurst for the rest of the weekend to see Grandma and Grandpa!  We had not seen them since Ryan's Baptism, since they had been traveling, and we had missed them a lot!

Our cousins came, too and lots of silliness ensued!

That evening we ate ice cream sundaes and watched several episodes of a current favorite...Good Mythical Morning.

Ryan and Andrew had a great time with Fergus!

Molly still loves the IDEA of animals....but the licking you in the face REALITY of an actual animal....not so much.  Fergus on a leash or Fergus behind a gate made her one happy girl.

She even worked up the courage to pet him, if it could be on her own terms.  Pretty sure it is something she is going to to need to conquer if she intends to be an "animal saver" someday, which is still her declared career goal.

As you can see from the pics, Ryan developed a bit of an issue with his eye on Sunday morning before we left.  Luckily we were able to get him some eye drops and he is feeling much better!

When we left Pinehurst, we headed to Greensboro to see my Nanie who is currently in the hospital with pneumonia.   While we were at the hospital for the afternoon, we got to see several of my cousins and aunts and uncles,as well as my parents and sister. We are praying that Nanie Too-Too will recover quickly.  She sure means a lot to all of us, and it is hard to see her feeling so poorly.

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