Saturday, June 27, 2015

Summer Bucket List: Week 3

Week 3 of summer was just as fun and busy as the first two weeks!  We have set a goal to look for as many ways that we can help others this summer, so we started out the week delivering fliers serving in our community to let everyone know about the neighborhood pool party.  It was over 100 degrees even at 7pm, but we got all 200+ fliers in the mail boxes!  Love their willingness to help!

This year we have had an amazing piano teacher who comes to our home each week to teach piano.  She even agreed to hold the recital in our home this week for the kids in our neighborhood she teaches.  Andrew and Ryan have been lucky to have wonderful piano teachers and we are so grateful we found a fabulous one here in our new home, too.  Molly will get to begin lessons in the fall.

Our county hosts a week-long day camp for children in the Gifted program, and all three of my kiddos were invited to attend.  They had a fun time at Camp Adventure inventing all week long and made new friends.  I missed them a lot, but it gave me lots of time to prep for the neighborhood pool party and next week's fun (Cub Scout Day Camp).

I know I have said it a million times, but I seriously love our new neighborhood.  It has been so hard having to move away from our family, friends, and church in Winston-Salem.  But this neighborhood eases the pain a little.    I love this random shot Chad took of the party.  It captures our neighborhood beautifully.  We are a community of ethnically diverse families from around the country and globe.   We have devout neighbors from almost every religious denomination.  Our kids play together, our families talk together, play together, serve together, and pray for each other.  It is exciting to be part of a new neighborhood and to be able to work together to help create the kind of community that you want to raise your children in.

Rachel celebrated her 23rd birthday this week. She is busy working two jobs this summer, but she did manage to make it down to see us on Sunday so we could celebrate her! I love my sister and am so impressed with the woman she has become.

This week was also Father's Day.  I am so grateful for Chad and all that he does to support me and our children.  He is an amazing father and I wish that all children in the world were lucky enough to have a Dad like Chad.  We went out to eat and to the movies during the weekend in honor of Father's Day.  They we had a special dinner Sunday.  We also celebrated our own wonderful fathers. My Dad and Mom came to eat dinner with us Sunday.  Our visit was brief, but wonderful.  I love every minute I get to spend with my family.

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