Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer Bucket List Week 5 and 4th of July

Sadly, we have reached the halfway point of summer.  I am not ready for school to start back.  We are still having so much fun, still learning so much, still enjoying each other's company so much. And there is still so much more on our bucket list we are hoping to get to.

Working on our Cub Scout goals is a big to do on our Bucket List.  Both boys earned awards at our Pack Meeting this week.

This week we built a fort and had a family sleepover in it. Because seriously, what is summer break without blanket forts?

We had friends over for smores and swimming for Family Home Evening this week.

We helped friends in our neighborhood by making and delivering cookies to a family who just moved in.

We went to see Paddington at the summer kids' movies with friends.

Since it was the week of Independence Day, and because we live close to so many amazing historic sites, I took the kiddos to visit Brattonsville, a Revolutionary War Site.  We had an amazing tour guide, who was only 8 years old.  Her love of history was contagious! I learned a lot, and I think my kids did, too. They learned about land surveying in the 1700s, played Blind Man's Bluff, learned about the battle that occurred here, toured the plantation, and went hiking down by the pond.  I highly recommend a visit if you are local. Especially if you can go on a day that our little 8 year old historian is present.

Chad was off of work on Friday, so we went as a family to volunteer at a local organization that helps homeless children. The organization Bright Blessings was created to give families a way to serve in the community together.  They have several days a month that you can sign up to come in to help with various projects.  This time we got to help tie blankets, wrap presents, and decorate wrapping paper.  I love this volunteer agency and wish I had created it myself.  We will also be volunteering with them this next weekend, but for a different activity.

We visited Nanie Too-Too in the hospital. Molly rode on Nanie's wheelchair snuggled up with her throughout the hospital and declared it the "best day of my whole life!"  We all love our Too-Too and hope she feels better soon!

And last, but certainly not least, we celebrated the Fourth of July!!! We started the morning with a Neighborhood Parade.  After the parade, Rachel and Antonio came down and joined us for the rest of the day's fun! Some good friends invited us to a neighborhood cookout and party.  Chad and Antonio played corn hole together there, and won their first game. After eating, everyone but me headed to the pool and Antonio and Chad taught the kids to play Chicken. (I had some bizarre allergic reaction and was doped up on benadryl).  Then, because we live in South Carolina where basically anything goes when it comes to fireworks, we were able to stay in our own neighborhood and watch huge displays put on by our friends that night.  After we got the kiddos to bed, the adults stayed up playing Boggle until the wee hours of the morning.  We really missed our Winston-Salem friends this weekend, but it was nice to have new friends to celebrate with, too.

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