Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer Bucket List Week 6

When we first announced we were moving to the Charlotte area, I highlighted some of the fun things about the area.  I mentioned we had a pro football team and a pro basketball team here, along with some other semipro teams. Andrew very enthusiastically asked if there was a pro fencing team.  He has wanted to try fencing for several years and Ryan thought it sounded fun, too!  So this summer, we enrolled both the boys in a week long fencing camp.  They learned so much in one week of half day classes and had a great time.  I think Andrew has found his sport.  He hopes to continue classes through the school year.  Ryan enjoyed it, but there are other things he wants to try out for now.  

On the last day of fencing camp, they did a demonstration for their families.  Chad made it during his lunch break.   Both of our boys got to fence an opponent twice.  The Coach has an excellent rule that siblings are not allowed to fence each other!!!

Here are Ryan's matches. He did a great job.  He was the youngest one there and still managed to score points.  His coach said he did an excellent job! 

Here are Andrew's matches.  The people behind him said it was like David fighting Goliath.  The boy he went against the first round was quite a bit taller.  But they still tied.

 The second round, Andrew won.

In addition to fencing, the boys each got a chance to referee.  As you can see, my rule following boys took their responsibility very seriously. 

At the beginning of the summer, I asked each child to set a goal of something they wanted to learn to do this summer.  Andrew's was to learn how to fence, which is a goal he met this week.  Molly wanted to learn to ride her bike without training wheels.  She worked super hard this week and accomplished her goal! 

Here is a short clip of our speedy girl. 

While the boys were at fencing camp uptown this week, Molly and I knocked out a few of our other Bucket List Items together that were located on that side of town.  Molly loves Imaginon, so we headed there on Monday.  We played, read, and, played some more. 

On Tuesday, she wanted to go to the mall and ride a carousel.  Molly really enjoyed having me to herself those mornings.  She was so loving and sweet. 

On Wednesday, we headed to Superior Play, which is a local Playground Showroom that opens up to the public for free indoor play on all of their displays each Wednesday.  It was a great place to spend a couple of hours with Molly and the two adorable kiddos who I get to hang out with some this summer.  All of my pics there turned out blurry.  If you have preschool aged kids locally, I highly recommend spending a morning here.  My school aged kids had plenty to do, too for a one time visit.  But if I still had little ones, we would come here a couple of times a month. 

On Thursday, we headed to the Discovery Place. Since we have already been once this summer, I am not sure I can count it again, but it was super fun! 

On Friday, we went to Freedom Park and the Nature Science Center.  Freedom Park has been on our list since we moved here.  I loved it and cannot wait to take the boys there soon! They have a train to explore, a Panthers' football obstacle course, a great playground for older kids, plenty of shade, and tons of walking trails. 

It was really hot that morning, so we went to the Nature Science Center next door for a little while to cool off indoors.

Since the camp was only half day, we had plenty of time each afternoon to relax and take it easy.  We spent one of the afternoons making sidewalk chalk and another day playing with it outside.

The weekend was spent prepping for and throwing the birthday party at the Children's Attention Home.  I already posted about it in another post, so we won't count that as a bucket list item. 

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