Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer Bucket List Week 7

Molly and some of her friends signed up for a Hip Hop Camp this week.  After watching them the first day, Ryan decided he wanted to join in the fun, too.  The two of them went for an hour each day. They both did a great job, and Ryan found something new that he loves.  Molly loved that her big brother was interested in something that she is interested in, too! It was sweet to see that sibling bond grow.

While the dancers were at camp, we headed to Walnut Creek Park with the siblings.  We did different fun things each day while they were at camp, and then came back to the park after class, too.  We played on the playground, had a kickball game, practiced tennis, caught frogs, and went hiking.  Most of the pics from the park were taken with my cellphone by Landon, one of the awesome kids hanging out with us this summer. Notice how he was able to capture each of these runners in mid air...with a cellphone camera.  Pretty impressive. 

Attending Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A has become a family tradition.  I decided this year that since we go every single year, that it was about time that I actually made tshirts, instead of taping spots on our clothes.  The kids spray painted their shirts and headed out to eat with Chad. Unfortunately, I was sick and could not join them. 

Of course the highlight of the week and one of the biggest highlights of our entire year each summer, is Cousin Camp.  We held our 6th annual Cousin Camp this week.  I will do a post about it on its own, as soon as I get all the pictures uploaded. 

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