Sunday, July 26, 2015

Summer Bucket List Week 8: Trip to Raleigh, Boys Book Club, and Camping

We started our week turning in our Summer Reading sheets at Barnes and Noble on Monday.  Each of the children were able to pick out a free book.

Chad had a half day conference in Raleigh on Tuesday.  Since it is 3 hours away, they let him get a room at the downtown Marriott Monday night.  At the last minute, the kids and I decided to join him. We drove down when Chad got off of work.  The trip wasn't on our original list, but still super fun. 

We were there less than 24 hours, but we had a fun time at Marbles Museum Tuesday, which has been on our bucket list for a few years.  Glad we finally made it there! And even better, it was free, since we have a pass to the Discovery Place! We played until lunchtime and then headed back home.

On Wednesday, I hosted our first Boys Only Book Club.  It definitely won't be our last!  I chose Sign of the Beaver.  All of our activities were inspired by the book. (Kind of like Mommy and Me Book Club, but with chapter books).  

We started with a fun Bingo Quiz.  I asked questions about the book and the answers were in squares of the Bingo Board.  The boys did were superb at remembering details of the book. 

The boys roasted marshmallows over a fire for S'mores.

We headed to one of the boy's home to shoot with bows and arrows, since our backyard is not a very safe place to shoot arrows.

We finished with free time to explore the forest together.  Next month we are reading The Phantom Toll Booth.  Any fun ideas?

Thursday we headed to Cascade Lakes for a wonderful camping trip.  I did a separate post about that activity.  But as Andrew said, camping is the highlight of his summer every year, and in his opinion, no bucket list would be complete without a trip to Pisgah National Forest. 

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