Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer Bucket List Week 9

We started off the week with one of my all time favorite summer activities, Back to School shopping.  Which is pretty crazy, since I actually am not looking forward to my kids going back to school.  However I LOVE school supplies and get a little sad this time of year that I am not setting up my own classroom somewhere.  Shopping for crayons, notebooks, and pencil boxes fulfills some sort of longing I have.  My boys did not like shopping as much as Molly and me, but we tried to make it fun with lunch out with friends in the middle and a stop for ice cream when we were done.

On Tuesday we met our cousin Alex and Aunt Jen at the Pit to race car drive, climb a rock wall, play laser tag, and ride bumper cars.  I had not played laser tag since college.  It was a blast!  As always, it was wonderful to spend time with our family.  We really miss living in the same town.

This week it was the girls' turn for their July book club.  We hosted a Fancy Nancy book club with  neighborhood friends.   (Aren't these girls beautiful?  I mean seriously, the little girls in our neighborhood all look like little models).

We had fancy food.

For our gathering activity, we colored pictures of Fancy Nancy reading a book.  Perfect for our book club!

The girls each shared their favorite Fancy Nancy book with the group and three things they like about the book.

Then we decorated fancy mirrors with jewels and stickers.

We ended the book club by trying to balance bananas on our head, like Fancy Nancy does in her books.

 Visiting the Columbia Zoo was near the top of our bucket list, and we got to do that this week with friends.  We have been to the Asheville zoo more times than I can count, so it was fun to explore a new zoo with different animals.  Pretty sure the penguins and feeding the giraffes were tied for our family's favorites.  We bought a pass, so we will definitely be heading back soon.  My kids are all anxious to try the zipline and ropes course there, too.

Thursday night, Aunt Rachel came and played Dance Dance Revolution and spent the night.  The boys made breakfast for her in the morning and she headed back early to get to work.

Unfortunately, several times during the week, my dearest, usually angelic and grateful children, would make a comment that something we were doing was boring, or that all they have to do during the summer is chores, or school work, or practice piano.  They said they had too much work to do and this wasn't a fun summer.  So Friday, we made the choice to stay home. And work. The entire time Daddy was at work. From 8 in the morning until he arrived home.  Because that is what Daddy gets to do during the summer.  And yes, they have a lot of responsibilities each day, but they also get to have lots of fun.  So we had a day that just focused on our responsibilities.  I am happy to report that the next day they were very happy to go to the movies and pool with their dad and did not complain.  I even heard a few thank yous.

On Saturday, we headed with Chad to see Minions.  The kids thought it was hilarious.  Chad and I enjoyed our popcorn and hearing our kids laugh.

I can't believe we only have two more weeks left of summer.  I am not ready for it to be over.  I love every minute I get to be with my kids, even those ungrateful, whiny moments.  Because they are MY ungrateful, whiny, incredibly entitled children.  And although I prefer hearing my name said with love, even the sound of "Mooooooom" shouted from upstairs as a 5 syllables word, is still a blessing that I wasn't sure would ever be mine.  A blessing I thank Heavenly Father for every day.

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