Saturday, October 24, 2015

Neighborhood Fall Festival

As the co-chair of our neighborhood social committee, I got to host the Fall Festival with lots of my amazing and very talented neighbors.   It was a lot of work and a lot of fun!  We had over a dozen volunteers, including several teenagers.  I love living here!

We had the doughnut on a string game.  This is Ryan's personal favorite.

The sweet taste of victory.

Molly loves it, too.

But not as much as she loves the Cupcake Walk.  My friend made 200 cupcakes for the cupcake walk.  I am afraid to know how many of those Molly won.  Every time I saw her she had another cupcake in her hand.  She said she was winning them to give away.  Which is probably true, she is very kind... but I know she didn't give ALL of them away.

Plinko was Andrew's favorite.  We managed to catch him there long enough for one picture.  He spent most of his time with his friends, so it was hard to get a lot of pictures.

Or maybe not friends so much, as one friend in particular.  Alex came and surprised us in time to be here for the Fall Festival.  The boys had a great time together.  They miss seeing each other every single day.

One of our neighbors created a hayride for the kids and my kids took multiple turns.

We had a pumpkin ring toss game.

A hay stack candy searching game.

There were several other activities that we did not manage to catch pictures of our children at, but got some good shots of their friends.

We had a fishing game.

A pumpkin ball toss.

A craft project

Face Painting

And a candy corn bowling game.

I am sharing pictures of them all, in case I end up being in charge again next year.

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