Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Fun 2015

This year for Halloween I got my entire family to agree to a theme....and STICK TO IT!!!!  No one even changed  their minds the day of.  It was a Halloween miracle!  This has not happened since we did the cast of Peter Pan the year Molly was born.

We each selected a retro video game character.

I went as Tetris, Ryan was Link from Zelda, Andrew was Bowser from Mario, Molly was Ms. Pacman, and Chad was Space Invaders.  Chad made his costume.  Mine is from amazon.

Andrew's Bowser costume was made by my friend Brooke a few years ago and she kindly had her friend mail it to us to use.

Each of the kids carved their own pumpkins.

Andrew chose to make a Bowser themed pumpkin.

Ryan chose to be Zelda because he REALLY wanted to get Link's sword and shield. We told him we could only buy them for him, if he would create his costume out of items we already had in our home.  He did a great job putting it together just the way he wanted it!

Ryan's was a little harder for some people to figure out, but it was the perfect match for his costume.  He chose to carve Navi, Link's little sidekick.

Molly went as a spunky Ms. Pacman.  I made her costume.

Molly saw a sheriff drive by our home as we were setting up in our driveway for trick or treaters.  She asked me if she could please give him some candy.  He kindly took it.

 Last year, Molly wanted nothing to do with the insides of the pumpkin. This year she cut and painted her pumpkin (the cutting part was with help).  She still thinks the insides are disgusting.

Her pumpkins were definitely the fan favorites.

Most of our neighbors sit outside on their driveways to hand out candy.  I love this tradition!

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