Saturday, October 24, 2015

Neighborhood Trick or Trot 5k

Our neighborhood held its first 5k this month, the Trick or Trot.   I had been trying for a month to get the kids to sign up for the race. Andrew and Ryan woke up the morning of the race and decided that maybe they did want to run in it after all.   Neither of them had been training for the 5k at all, and Ryan had never done a full 5k.   But we didn't want to be discouraging and tell them they shouldn't exercise or try, so we all headed up to the starting line.  They were excited to be racing with a good friend.

Andrew ran hard and finished 3rd overall out of 40+ runners.  An adult male and a female 11 year old beat him.  And it was his own personal best record on the 5k.

Ryan got about 1 kilometer into the race and decided he was finished, that he hated running, that he was not going to do it and that we couldn't make him.  Nothing encouraging we said could change his mind.  He stomped and stormed off, and then decided he was so mad at us that he would keep going. He met up with his friend and his friend's eternally patient mother who would not let either of them quit half way through the race.  Ryan even complained to her the entire time, every step of the way. Until he saw the finish line. Then he ran.  And he beamed ear to ear.  He was so excited and so proud of himself for finishing. You would never know that the entire race had been pure torture from this cute smile.

Now all three kids are excited to race in the Spring 5k and at least one of them is determined to train between now and then.  :)

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