Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Andrew's 11th Birthday

This was the birthday party, 3 years in the making! Ever since they announced a 7th Star Wars movie in December 2015, we knew where we were spending Andrew's 11th birthday.  Andrew invited several friends and family members to join him on our galactic adventure.  Some even came all the way from Winston-Salem!  I love Andrew's friends and enjoy being around them.  They are great boys!

We are so appreciative of theses dads who made the "sacrifice" to be there to help chaperone. ;)

After the movie, everyone headed back to our house for pizza, cake, and video gaming.

Andrew did not want a traditional cake.  Instead, he created a recipe for chocolate and fruit multi layered trifle.  He even wrote down a recipe and shopping list for me.  It was absolutely delicious and there was not a bite left.

I love my sweet 11 year old boy.  He is becoming such an amazing young man.

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