Monday, December 14, 2015

Gingerbread Houses

Each year our family creates a gingerbread house together and decorate Christmas cookies made with cutters that belonged to my Grandpa Stone.  It is fun to plan and create as a team.  We use leftover Halloween Candy, and of course more of it ends up in the kids' bellies than on our house.

I love Molly's "Everything is Better with Sprinkles" outfit!

This year, we added a fun new component to our gingerbread house tradition. We went to see the Gingerbread houses at the Ballantyne hotel.

Each of the kids chose and voted for their favorites.  We had them pose with the ones they liked the most.

Molly liked the Lord of the Rings themed houses.

Ryan chose 5 he liked, but finally narrowed it down to the Minions fort.

My favorite was this lovely Christmas village.  I would like to live here, I think.

Chad's favorite is the one that won overall.  It was absolutely amazing.

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