Friday, December 18, 2015

Polar Express Day

Our school has a lot of fun crammed into the last week before break.  We have a Holiday Shop, Polar Express Pajama day, and a First Grade Christmas Around the World Day.  My sisters were awesome and came down to help me with Molly's Polar Express Day and all three kids' Holiday Shop on Thursday.  Unfortunately,  I only have pics of the Polar Express parties.

I will be honest, organizing two class parties, teacher gifts, Holiday shop volunteers, a first grade parent breakfast, and buying Pinewood Derby cars to bring to our Christmas Cub Scout meeting all occurring within a 48 hour period was a tiny bit overwhelming.  Add a husband with pneumonia and a hurt back, and tiny bit overwhelming turned into more than a tad bit stressful.  He is always so helpful with my big plans and my serious trouble with over commitment, and he couldn't help at all that week. But we survived and managed to pull it off with lots of help and prayers.  Being lucky enough to be able to be there at the school any time I want to be there is such an incredible blessing.  I am grateful for the opportunity to volunteer.  I know there are very many moms and dads who would like to be at school, but can't. So I am not complaining, I am just being honest that some times it feels like it is a full time job.

This is the middle of our living room floor at the beginning of that 48 hour time period while I tried to get everything organized in my brain and my van.  The craziness does not come without a price.

We did five fun games in Molly's class for Polar Express Day.  The children all received tickets and special bells that my co-room mom made for each student after she read the story to them.

  I love the look of surprise on Molly's face when she looks in her desk to find a bell.

At the first center we played "Do you want to build a snowman?"

At the second center, the children played with homemade gingerbread playdough and cookie cutters.  It made my house smell so delicious when I made it, that I was tempted to taste it. WARNING: It did NOT taste as good as it smelled!

At the third center, we played Polar Express Roll and Cover with Jingle Bells. This was the center that Aunt Rachel hosted.

At our fourth center, we played Jingle Bell Snowball Toss.  Somehow I missed getting a pic of Molly there.

Our final center was making a yummy graham cracker train.  Aunt Emily helped out here.

Ryan's party was the next day, and we did some of the same centers.

We played "Do You Want to Build A Snowman?"

We drank hot cocoa and made marshmallow and toothpick sculptures at one center.

At the third center, the children played bingo with jingle bells and won candy prizes.

At the fourth center, we played the Saran Wrap Candy Ball game.

At our last center, the children decorated cookies.  I did not manage to snap a picture of Ryan decorating cookies.  But I like to record what I did each year, so I can do something different the next year.  :)

After Ryan's party, I picked up Andrew who had finished the 5th grade pancake breakfast and Molly who had finished watching Prancer and we officially started our Christmas Vacation!!!

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