Saturday, December 12, 2015

UCYB Nutcracker 2015

Molly and Ryan had the privilege of performing in the Union County Youth Ballet's Nutcracker this year.  Auditions were in September and both children were selected to perform as party guests at the Christmas party.  I can honestly say that every single thing about our experience was very positive.  The dance instructors and director were very kind and superb teachers.  Both Ryan and Molly learned so much and were eager to go to practice each week. The older dancers were great youth that I was thrilled to have my young children around.  I heard so many positive and affirming conversations between the older dancers.   The costumes were amazing, the theater was fabulous.  The other parents were so nice.  It really was such a positive and happy environment. What follows are way too many pictures of my adorable party boy and girl.

We had many, many friends and family who were kind enough to come and watch the children perform.  I was pretty absentminded, and took a bunch of pictures of people with no card in the camera, so I don't have pictures of everyone who came (even though you posed for them). I promise that it does not mean that we love you any less.  It just means I am a ditz.

The kids even got to be in their first parade with the Nutcracker cast.

Both of my children are excited to perform again in the Nutcracker next year, and even though it means giving up every Saturday October through December, I am excited for them to do it again, as well.  I love that Molly and Ryan have found an interest that they share and enjoy doing together.  Molly is hoping to be a mouse and Ryan has his eye set on being one of the Russian dancer's attendants.  He has mastered his coffee grinders, so he feels like he is ready.  (He has high hopes for such a novice dancer).

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