Monday, February 22, 2016


I am not even sure how to describe the magic that is LegoFest.  Words won't do it justice, and pictures don't really either.  All of my pictures just look like my kids standing around  playing with legos.  Which is what they are actually doing, and we could do that at home, but there was something magical about doing it at LegoFest.   Andrew's friend from Winston-Salem got him a ticket for his birthday in December, so I went ahead and bought tickets for the rest of our family.  The price felt pretty steep at $25 dollars a person, but I honestly felt like we got every penny worth of it back again after our experience.  It was something that my 11 year old boy enjoyed as much as his 6 year old little sister.

We started out playing in the Big Pile of Legos.  After seeing how much fun this was, I am thinking of taking our  Legos out all their presorted by color containers and just dumping them into a big bucket.

There were fun team challenges to participate in together.  After each challenge, everyone who played received a mini Lego kit (the kind at the check out line at Target).  My boys both got 5 and Molly got 6, since she played at the Lego Friends area.  I loved the noncompetitive nature of the challenges.  I love it when everyone is a winner.  I know that isn't real life, but I enjoy living in Utopia on occasion.

In one of the challenges, they had to build a pizza in a relay contest.

In another challenge, they had to work as a team to build a Star Wars ship from ship scraps hidden in a pile of legos.  They only let five team members work together, so on this challenge, Molly joined Shannon on another team.

In the last challenge area, we had 6 minutes to create the best structure we could as a team.

In the Build Across America area, the children each created a masterpiece that was placed in an outline of a USA map.  Ian and Ryan worked together to make a huge minifigure.

The kids became the masters of Spinjitzu at the Ninjago spinners area.

Molly and Caroline had a great time in the Lego Friends and Lego Disney areas, while the boys were in other areas.

Andrew and James created a black wolf in the construction zone and placed it in one of the display cabinets.

And we took a few moments to pose with the incredible statues made from characters spread out through the convention center.

LegoFest was set up in a huge convention center with tons of different stations and activities.  So many that we did not make it to every single one, even though we were there from the time it opened until they literally kicked us out.

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