Sunday, February 14, 2016

Love Days

In case you didn't know, I kind of love Valentines' Day.  I love having another reason to show my family how much I adore them. I love mushy cards! I love chocolate!  It is one of my very favorite days of the year.

As the room mom in Ryan's class this year, I organized a service project for the kids to participate in for their class activity.  We wanted to show love for others, so we created "Love of Learning" Bags for a local charity that serves homeless children in the area,  The parents sent in enough school supply items so that we could compile 30 bags.  And three other moms came in to help.

We started the party by allowing each student to color a sticker label for the bags and to take turns handing out Valentine cards to each other.  Ryan has erasable highlighters that his classmates like to borrow, so he bought everyone their own and added a card that says "I hope your Valentines' Day Glows!"

 I had them each randomly draw out a job on our assembly line.  We had set up in a multipurpose room at school and the children did a great job either being a "shopper" who filled the bag with each item, or a "storekeeper" who gave out items to the shoppers.

When we were finished, we headed back to the classroom for Krispy Kreme heart doughnuts and strawberry yoohoos while the children opened the cards from their classmates.  The third graders really enjoyed helping others.

I am the room mom for Molly's first grade class, too.  We started her class party by going outside to see the very brief snow fall that occurred during lunch time.  I am so glad that we did, because when the children left two hours later, there was no trace of the snow at all.   Molly gave her classmates fans with a card attached that said "I am your biggest fan!"

 Molly's classroom mascot is a flamingo, so we included our pink friend in the day's festivities.

At her first center, Molly played musical hearts.  Each heart had a fun direction written on the back for all the children to do.  Example: make the ASL sign for "I love you."

At the next center, she made a flamingo heart craft.

Next was the graphing of conversation hearts activity station.  It may be as old as conversation hearts themselves, but these first graders thought it was new and exciting.

The children played with pattern blocks to make Valentine creations.

And for snack, we ate yummy Valentine Krispy Kreme doughnuts and had ice cream floats with flamingo straws.

The fifth graders were a little more low key.  Andrew still had a fun time watching a movie and eating snacks, though.  Andrew gave out pop rocks to everyone with a card that said "I hope your Valentine Rocks!"

Over the weekend, we had our traditional Valentines' Day fun.  We had waffles for breakfast, our "fancy" flank steak, sweet potatoes, salad, bread, and sparkling cider dinner, and chocolate fondue for dessert.  We decorated our front door with hearts, and played our conversation hearts stacking game.  Andrew was this year's winner with 14.  I gave the kids and Chad cards, chocolate, and small gifts.  The children let me read to them all my favorite "LOVE" picture books before bedtime.  I say "let" because one of them thought he was too old for those now.  But he didn't leave the room, so I guess he either really loves me a lot and doesn't want to hurt my feelings, or he kind of still likes to be read to, too.  Either way, I am grateful for my wonderful family and the love they show me 365 days a year.


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