Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Weekend

Since we were not having a large extended family party this year, on Saturday, my parents were able to come down to spend the day with us.  Ryan needed to learn how to use a compass for Cub Scouts, and his retired Army Papa was more than happy to teach him. He even set up a little Easter Egg Hunt for him to follow, using his newly acquired navigational skills.

 The children really wanted to share their new found love of nature behind our neighborhood, so all of us followed them into the woods and spent quite a while wading in the water together.   Papa continued to teach the kids compass skills there, too.  We had a wonderful afternoon, and even I waded and slipped and "slided" through the mud.   I understand why the children want to spend every moment outside of school here.  It really is beautiful.

When we returned, the kiddos were pretty muddy and needed showers before we could dye Easter eggs together.  Which is why their hair is soppy and wet and why Molly is wearing a bathrobe in all the egg dying pictures.  Like Chad says, this is real life.

On Sunday morning, the Easter Bunny came to our house and brought Legos and candy.  Molly completed her first large Lego set all by herself.  She was quite proud of herself.

We got dressed in our Easter clothes and took some pics outside.  Chad had cut the boys' hair Saturday night, and Ryan really like his new hair cut.  All of these cute Ryan poses below are his own creations.  Ryan and Molly both wanted to take pictures with just Andrew, but not with each other.  I always thought sibling rivalry came from children trying to vie for their parents' attention, not one of the siblings.

We headed to Pinehurst for Easter dinner and enjoyed an indoor egg hunt, since it was raining outside.  Molly proved to be quite the egg hunter, finding all of her 25 eggs while her brothers had still found only 9 each.  Although it could be because Andrew kept stopping to pet Fergus, and missing eggs literally right underneath his nose. :)

We spent the night and unfortunately I got sick in the middle of the night. While I spent the day in bed, the rest of my family enjoyed playing with Fergus, walking to the park, and playing cards with Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Chuck.  Chad was too focused on enjoying the moments to capture pictures, and I wasn't there to annoy remind him to remember.

My children are lucky to have such wonderful and caring grandparents who take the time to make my kids feel loved and special.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Egg-ucational Fun in First Grade!

I love being a room mom.  When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of being a room mom when I grew up.  (Is that weird)?  I miss having my own class. However I am blessed with a wonderful first grade teacher for my daughter who allows me to come in and do fun things with her class.   I wanted to do something a little different than the normal stations we have done at the other class activities this year.

We started with a bunny print painting project on canvas.  I loved seeing all of their creative designs and they turned out really cute.  Here is Molly's.

While the children painted their bunnies, a few moms went outside to hide eggs in the library garden.  We headed outside and allowed each child to find one dozen eggs.

After the egg hunt, we played three games.  The first was a traditional egg and spoon relay.

I brought our bunny game from the neighborhood Egg Hunt for the children.  It was a hit!

The last game is one I modified from a fun game we used to play at boot camp with safety cones.  I set up Easter baskets all over the field and divided the group into two teams, boys versus girls.  The girls were to turn as many buckets upside down in one minute as they could and the boys were to turn as many right side up as they could in one minute.  When the timer went off, we counted to see who was ahead.  We let 5 boys and 5 girls play at a time while the rest of the teammates cheered them on.  It was so much fun to watch and they wanted to keep playing when it was time to go in for snack.

Our snack was pinterest inspired of course.  Cute bunny drinks with rice krispy treats.

When the party games were finished, our teacher brought all of the children to the carpet and they used their eggs from the hunt to do creative addition and subtraction problems with partners.  She really is the best!

Neighborhood 2nd Annual Egg Hunt

I know I say this all the time, but I love our neighborhood and the people who live here! I co-chair the Social Committee and all the members take turns being responsible for a couple of events each year.  This year one of the events I agreed to co-chair was the Egg Hunt.  All of my kids had a great time, and I loved being able to host a fun event for our sweet neighborhood children.  We had face painting, crafts, games, side walk chalk, bubbles, 4 different age groups for egg hunting, an egg hunt for doggiess, a visit from the ice cream truck, and of course, the Easter Bunny!

The kids and their friends helped me fill over 1000 eggs to add to the 24 eggs that each family donated for the hunt.  It took just under 45 minutes for 2 adults and 7 kids to fill all 1000!

The young man who was our bunny was fabulous!

Ryan loved egg hunting with his friends.

And both boys begrudgingly posed with the bunny for me.

Molly got her face painted to match one of her "besties."

Prince Eric and The Little Mermaid

Andrew was cast as Prince Eric in his school's play, The Little Mermaid.  He practiced three times a week after school, for months.  The entire cast did a fantastic job!  I was so proud of them and the high caliber of their performances.  The teachers were so wonderful to volunteer their time to help put together the production. 

This is as close as Andrew would get to kissing Ariel.  He is still in that stage where he thinks that everyone should wait to kiss girls when you are in college, and not any earlier.

I loved this spunky little Ariel.  "Duh, how did you not know it was me?!?!?!"

King Tritan was played by one of Andrew's best friends.

Lots of his neighborhood buddies came to support him.

As well as his Nana, Papa, and Aunt Rachel.

The theater bug has bitten Andrew and he is begging to audition for community plays and to find an acting summer camp.  Pretty sure this won't be our last performance.