Friday, March 25, 2016

Prince Eric and The Little Mermaid

Andrew was cast as Prince Eric in his school's play, The Little Mermaid.  He practiced three times a week after school, for months.  The entire cast did a fantastic job!  I was so proud of them and the high caliber of their performances.  The teachers were so wonderful to volunteer their time to help put together the production. 

This is as close as Andrew would get to kissing Ariel.  He is still in that stage where he thinks that everyone should wait to kiss girls when you are in college, and not any earlier.

I loved this spunky little Ariel.  "Duh, how did you not know it was me?!?!?!"

King Tritan was played by one of Andrew's best friends.

Lots of his neighborhood buddies came to support him.

As well as his Nana, Papa, and Aunt Rachel.

The theater bug has bitten Andrew and he is begging to audition for community plays and to find an acting summer camp.  Pretty sure this won't be our last performance.

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