Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ryan's First Pinewood Derby

 Ryan had the chance to compete in his very first Pinewood Derby in March.  He had waited patiently for his chance through all three of Andrew's derbies.   When it came time for him to work on his car with his dad, he knew just what he wanted!  He wanted a Pokemon themed car that looked like Victini.  He and Chad worked very hard to make a great car together.  They were both very excited about how it turned out.

 This year it was Andrew's turn to cheer on his brother.  He and Molly made signs and were very supportive.

Chad added graphite to the wheels right before the race.

And Ryan gave it one more close inspection.

Ryan was very excited when his car won, and a good sport when his car lost.

His car was faster than the one Andrew raced last year and won second place with, but he did not take a top three position this year.  The competition this year was steep!  He did get to take home one of these awesome smaller trophies that another Cub mom made.  He loved it!

Although he was disappointed that he did not win, he loves his car and had a great time.  He has already planned out what he wants for next year.

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