Sunday, April 24, 2016

Medieval Knights and Fair Ladies Birthday Party

Ryan and Molly loved our visit to Medieval Times in Myrtle Beach for the New Year.  They both decided they wanted a Medieval Birthday Party and wanted to have it together!!!  I was so surprised and thrilled, and honestly had nothing to do with their decision.  Not that I haven't dreamed about it previously. Their birthdays are only 10 days apart, so combining simplifies things. I was thrilled to be able to put my creative energy into one party.  It was a very fun party to plan with them and they were involved in all of the details.  They had specific ideas about the food, decorations, games, and costumes.  They painted, cooked, shopped, and explored Pinterest with me. The only hard part was limiting their guest lists.  Since they were doing it together, neither of them could invite all of the friends they wanted to include...Which made me the mean mommy who left out a lot of very dear friends and made them pare the list down to include only those they play with multiple times a week.  

My parents came and helped at the party, as well as a couple of my neighborhood friends.  I am blessed with such wonderful family and friends.

The Arrival 

We held the party at our neighborhood clubhouse.  When each girl arrived, Queen Danielle welcomed her and crowned her with a flower wreath.

 When the boys arrived, King Chad knighted each boy and gave them the simple knight tunics that I had made and handed them foam swords.

Gathering Activity 

Each lady and knight decorated a goblet with gems and created a banner that represented their own imaginary kingdoms as we waited for all of our guests to arrive.

Once we finished decorating our goblets and banners, we took pictures in front of the castle backdrop.  It is from a blue and gold banquet I hosted last year that Andrew and the other Webelos had painted.  They were going to throw it away a few weeks ago, so I grabbed it to use at the party.  There are a couple of guests missing from each picture, because they had not arrived yet.

The King's Quest

The King sent the ladies and knights on a quest led by King Papa and Queen Nana.  The boys and girls followed clues to 5 different locations to complete challenges.  We mixed up the order of the clues so that the groups would not arrive at the same location at the same time.  The girls walked like little princesses to each new challenge.

The boys charged forward!

Challenge 1: Marshmallow Catapult 

Princess Della, a dear family friend, was able to come to the party and hosted the marshmallow catapult game.  I am so grateful she came to help!

Molly and Ryan painted the castles we used for the game and Andrew and Ryan helped make the catapults.  The children tried to shoot the marshmallows through the castle windows.

Challenge 2: Bow and Arrow Shooting 

The children took turns using these cool Two Brothers bows to shoot arrows to knock down a castle made of buckets.  It was pretty windy, so Mother Nature knocked down more buckets than the kids were actually able to demolish.  My friend, Leigh, graciously hosted this game in her backyard.

Challenge 3: Firing Dragon Fireballs

The children worked cooperatively to launch fireballs (foam balls wrapped in red plastic tablecloth) from a three man launcher.   My friend Julie hosted this game in my friend Kandice's backyard.  We stopped also for a juice box break here, because it was so hot outside.

Challenge 4: Jousting and Javelin Throws 

Lady Julie, Nana, and Papa helped out at this game, too.  The children used pool noodles as javelins that they threw through hoops as they pretended to ride horses.  Then they had fun jousting with the pool noodles and chasing each other around.

Challenge 5: Defeat the Dragon Pinata

A dragon pinata was the very first game the kids decided on while driving home from the beach, so we knew it was a must at our party.  Chad stood on a ladder and held the pinata tied to a string from a painting extension pole.  The dragons were filled with a gift bag for each guest that contained candy, ring pops, and fake gems and money. I always disliked the scramble for the candy that falls out, where children push and shove, leaving some children with hordes of candy and some with none.  Probably because I wasn't aggressive enough as a child to shove people out of the way, and was the one left with none.   

His Majesty's Feast 

Once the knights and ladies completed their five challenges they returned to the banquet hall for a fine feast presented by his majesty, King Chad. (My family and friends helped us serve, thank goodness).  Ryan and Molly had selected an extensive menu.  They chose to serve strawberries, grapes, apples, sweet peppers, and carrots.  Cheese, mini hotdogs, meatballs, and chicken tenders served with mini swords.  Mini peanut butter crackers and Bugles.  French macarons,  eclairs, cream puffs, chocolate covered marshmallows, fruit filled cookies, and Pirouette cookies.  They drank lemonade from their bedazzled goblets. 

Surprise Knight Tournament 

Since the car ride home from the beach, the three children have planned to do their own Medieval Times performance for the party guests during dinner.  Their plans were quite elaborate and grew into quite the grand scheme in the past 4 months.  We convinced them to shorten it a bit for the party.  So after dinner, and before cake, the two boys left the table and changed clothes and entered through a different door.  They performed an epic sword fight that ended with Molly shooting a "flaming" arrow at the bad knight, Andrew, and saving Sir Ryan, the good.  The guests were very supportive and cheered and applauded at all the appropriate times.  I loved seeing my three kids work together on something they were all so excited about doing.

Happily Ever After

Once peace in the kingdom was restored, it was time to eat cake and say farewell to the brave knights and ladies who attended our festivities.  Each girl left with her crown and each boy with his tunic.  All the guests left with their foam swords, marshmallow catapults, pinata goody bag, banners, and goblets Thank you to everyone who stayed and helped us clean up.  You were heaven sent angels! 

Happiest of Birthdays to my Sir Ryan and Lady Molly. I pray that you look back with fondness on the laughter and memories you shared together planning and enjoying your party.  You are lucky to have each other and my deepest desire is that all three of you will always be friends and support each other in all that is noble and good in this world. 

You are the luckiest children in the world to have this man as the king of our castle, the king of fun, the king of silliness.   Oh, how I love your father, my knight in shining armor.