Sunday, June 5, 2016

End of the School Year Celebrations

We said good-bye to First, Third, and Fifth Grade with fun field days, parties, and award ceremonies.  All three kids had a wonderful year with amazing teachers and fabulous friends! Our new school does not allow us to request teachers, but I would have chosen these women myself for my children had I known any of them before the start of the school year.  They were each blessings in my children's lives in their own ways.

Andrew ended fifth grade and his elementary school career with all A's for the entire time and he was honored at a special banquet as an outstanding 5th grader by the school district.

At graduation, Andrew received the award for the highest Social Studies average in his class, and was recognized as the recipient of a citizen ship award, a member of the Duke TIP program, the school spelling bee champion and the school science fair winner.

These guys are such incredible young men and I am grateful they are all such good friends!

Ryan ended third grade with a bang! I made a slide show for his class party and we launched a confetti cannon.

At the third grade award ceremony, Ryan received an award for straight A's all year and an award for the highest MAP reading score in his classroom.  He was also recognized as a recipient of a classroom citizenship award this year.

Ryan has great friends at school, too that are as silly and funny as he is!

Molly's class had fun with the confetti cannon, too.  Unfortunately, the kids got so excited they stood up and blocked her in the picture. :)  I have loved being a room mom for Ryan's and Molly's classes this year.

The first grade level chose not to do award this year, but Molly did end the year with all S's (the highest grade a first grader can receive) and also received a citizenship award this year.  Instead, they had a special Booknic with their families.  I was substitute teaching that morning and could only drop by for a few minutes,, but Chad was able to come and enjoy the entire breakfast time with Molly and let her read one of her chapter books to him.  She has made incredible growth in her reading and math abilities this year.

 I am so proud to be the mother of these incredibly bright, respectful, talented, and most importantly, kind children.

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