Sunday, June 26, 2016

Summer Vacation 2016: Week 3

My camera has been lost, so I don't have all of my pictures, but I will share what I have from week 3.

Summer Bucket List #15: Cooking Classes

All three of my children are obsessed with cooking shows.  They recently watched Kids Baking Challenge, and Andrew was inspired by the chefs his own age.  He went and dug through all my recipe books and made his very first all by himself cake from scratch on Sunday after church.  It was devoured within 24 hours!  Chocolate Sour Cream Bunt Cake.

Summer Bucket List #16: Wizard of Oz Drama Camp 

The children attended Wizard of Oz camp this week each afternoon for two hours.  They had a blast and the performance they were able to pull off in such a short time was super cute!

Ryan was the Scarecrow.

Molly was Glenda, the good witch.

And Andrew was the Tin Man.

Summer Bucket List #17: Make Casseroles for The Relatives Shelter with  Kindness Confetti Kids

On Tuesday, The Kindness Confetti Kids divided up among 4 houses and together made 16 casseroles to bring to local shelters.  The kids worked so beautifully together and did a great job! At our home, we made Enchilada Casseroles.  The other homes made mac and cheese, tater tot casseroles, and lasagna.


Summer Bucket List #18: Bring Friends with us to Carowinds

We had a fun time joining other friends who also have Season Passes at Carowinds this week at the Water Park.

Summer Bucket List #19: Cousin Camp 2016: Part A

Our Utah Cousins joined us on Friday of the third week of summer and stayed 9 days, so the fun lasted through two weeks of our Summer Bucket List adventures!  I will do a post just on their visit and share all of our Cousin Camp excitement.

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