Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer Vacation Bucket List Week 4: Scout Camp

Our family attended Apache Cub Scout Day Camp for our third year.  It just keeps getting better!  This camp is amazing.  The children do so many fun things and all of the men and women who volunteer there with my children are very kind and patient and caring.  I seriously do not think I saw any other leaders upset with the kids or heard anyone speak harshly.  Which is an amazing feat considering they were outside in temperatures that reached 110 with the heat index and they were supervising children ages 6-10.  Camp just ended, but I am already excited for my three children to get to go again next year!

(All of my best pics from camp are on my camera that I lost at camp.  I am heartbroken.  I am sharing a couple I managed to get from my phone and some from other leaders' phones that they texted me.  Hopefully my camera will find its way home soon. That is what I used to take almost all of my camp pics).

Andrew has advanced to be a Jr. Leader and earned the right to wear the olive shirt.  When he received his assignment, was thrilled to find out he was going to be the leader of Ryan's Bear den.   But he was not nearly as excited as Ryan was! Seriously, that was Ryan's favorite part of camp, was having Andrew with him all day, every day.  They got to go around camp together for the first time, which was wonderful for these two brothers who are also best friends.

This year our cousins from Utah were visiting during camp week and the younger girls were able to join Molly at Pink Patrol.  Molly loved having her cousins with her at camp and it was great that they got to have so much time together getting to know one another.  My nieces impressed me (and all of the leaders) with their excellent marksmanship, mad rock climbing, and fearless repelling down the tower.  Love that Apache lets sisters come and experience all of the same adventures as their brothers!

I was lucky enough to be the Director of the Me-Too camp for the second year and had two great leaders work with me each day during the week and then others rotate in and out.  One of the leaders I worked with was a sister from our ward that I hadn't had the opportunity to get to know very well until this week. I am really happy I had the chance at camp.  She is an amazing lady and I am feel blessed to have had her by my side all week long.

I love working with the preschoolers, creating the camp activity schedule for the week, doing crafts, making water beads and rainbow spaghetti, singing songs and teaching finger plays.

One day we pretended we were birds and built a huge nest to play in.  Later in the afternoon, the Jr. leaders filled it with Easter eggs.  The children were so excited!

I get to play and do all those fun things that my kids aren't quite as enthralled with anymore.  Once a year, I get to be the mom of twenty 4 year olds for a week and I am in heaven!

My sweet nephew Zane came on the first morning, but the early wake up time was too much for him with the time zone difference and he decided that he would like to stay home with his big brother and sister the rest of the week and play with legos.  (When my alarm clock went off at 5:30 each morning, and when I was taking nature hikes in 97 degree heat, I was pretty sure Zane was the brilliant one).

Big shout out to Monica and Michael for the blood, sweat, and tears they sacrificed to make 2016 Apache Day Camp Take Flight a huge success! You are amazing!

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