Sunday, July 10, 2016

Cousin Camp 2016: Part 2

This week we enjoyed Cousin Camp 2016 with our Swanson/Hiatt and Scribner cousins.

When everyone arrived, we decorated our 2016 t-shirts together.

We played Cousin Bingo, covering each name with a teddy graham as clues were read to describe each cousin.

We played Pie Face together which brought a lot of laughs....except from sweet Eli, who was terrified of the game and cried until we put it safely back in its box.

Next it was time for a Silly String Battle!

After we cleaned up all of the fun, we headed to Aldi for a service project.  Each adult took two cousins to shop for items to fill a box with a week's worth of lunches for a school aged child who normally receives a free lunch during the school year to have lunch during summer break. The children were beautifully behaved and responsible and didn't really need any help from the grown-ups, other than our credit cards at the end.

After we purchased our food, we headed next door to QT for slushies and lunch! 4 adults and 10 children made it a little challenging to take too many pics.

We brought our food home to eat inside our nice air conditioned house.  However, I had managed to lock us out, so we ate lunch outside while Chad drove home from work to let us in!  (It has over 100 degrees with the heat index. Yikes)! But these children are troopers and did not complain, even though they were melting.

When we finally got inside, we finished our service project and filled our boxes with the food we bought.

We were ready to cool off after our hard work and changed into our swimsuits for some water balloon fun!

We spent the remainder of the afternoon at the pool and playing on the playground during lifeguard/thunder breaks.

When we returned to the house, some of the children went upstairs to play and some of the children went outside to make a movie while we waited for the pizza to arrive.

We ended Cousin Camp with pizza and no one was ready to say good-bye when we were finished.

Cousin Camp is the highlight of our summer and I am so happy my kids got to participate with three sets of cousins this summer!  I hope someday we can have all five sets together!

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