Sunday, July 3, 2016

Summer Vacation Bucket List: Week 5

Summer Bucket List Item #21: Baseball Camp with Grandpa Bud 

Grandpa Bud and Nana and Papa helped send Ryan to baseball camp for his birthday present.  This was the week and he was very excited.  Even more exciting than baseball camp, was the fact that Grandpa Bud came from the Philippines to attend with him!!!  Grandpa drove Ryan to camp each day and stayed to watch him play the entire time.  Ryan loved baseball camp and learned a lot!  He is looking forward to playing Fall Ball.   

Summer Bucket List Item #22: Find Dory 

After baseball camp, w all got to spend time with Grandpa.  We went out to dinner with Grandpa Bud and went to see Finding Dory one evening this week.

Summer Bucket List Item #23: Carowinds with Grandpa Bud

Grandpa was a real trooper and followed the kiddos around Carowinds all day long in 98 degree heat after camp one day.  They enjoyed having him there! 

Summer Bucket List Item # 24: Make Something out of Wood

The boys have been wanting to build something out of wood.  After camp one afternoon, they started a project with Grandpa Bud, but didn't get to finish it all the way.  We will post pics of the finished product next week. 

Summer Bucket List Item # 25: Baseball Movie Party 

Grandpa Bud bought the kids a yummy ice cream cake and decorated it with baseball statues for his final night with us.  We watched The Sandlot  and enjoyed laughing together. 

Summer Bucket List Item #26: Kindness Confetti Kids Make and Serve 200 Lunches

Molly and Andrew joined the rest of The Kindness Confetti Kids this week and helped make 200 bagged lunches which we delivered to the Crisis Assistance Ministry.  The children were very helpful and worked well together.  All of the items for the lunches were donated from our neighbors and community. 

Each lunch included a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a bottle of water, an apple, a bag of chips or salty crackers, and a dessert. 

Last week, while we were at Cub Scout Camp, the Kindness Confetti Kids decorated the lunch bags.

The ministry would only allow a few of us to actually deliver the lunches.  I did not take pictures of the children handing out the lunches, out of respect to those we were serving.

This was my favorite Kindness Confetti Kids week so far! 

Summer Bucket List # 27: Celebrate Charlotte's Birthday in Pinehurst with lots of cousins! 

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