Thursday, August 11, 2016

Summer Bucket List Week 10

Sadly, this was our last full week of summer.  This week we will be having back to school nights and Andrew will start Middle School on Friday!  We crammed  a lot of relaxing into this week.  We had play dates every single day.  The kids watched a lot of tv and played a lot of video games.  (We have a no weekday media rule during the school year, so they were binging to prepare for the impending famine).

We did manage to peel them away from the television and their friends a couple of times for a few fun adventures.

Summer Bucket List #49: Kindness Confetti Kids at the Senior Center

We held our last Kindness Confetti Kids meeting of the summer this week.  The children helped decorate for lunch at the Senior Center, exercised with the seniors, served and ate lunch with the seniors, listened to each guest share a little bit about their lives, partnered with them to play a game of bingo, and gave lots of hugs.  It was a wonderful experience for our children to get to talk with the wisest members of our community.

  I have really enjoyed participating in service projects with my mom friends and our kids this summer.

Summer Bucket List #50: Molly and Daddy's Carowinds Date

Chad and Molly were able to go to Carowinds this week.  It rained at the beginning, but luckily the skies cleared and they were able to ride everything they wanted together.  The children have each really enjoyed their special one on one time with their daddy.

Summer Bucket List #51: Visit Miss Anglin

Molly has missed her teacher this summer and was very excited to go to the school to bring her the memory book we made for her.

Summer Bucket List #52: Ice Cream at Jolly Rolls

A new ice cream place opened up near our house that serves rolled ice cream.  Never heard of it before now, but apparently it is a big thing.  They make your individual serving of ice cream in front of you on a cold metal slab using fresh ingredients, then roll it up with a spatula.  Here is there website in case you want to see what I am talking about.  It is hard to explain.  We pass it often and I kept saying we would try it out and we finally got to this week.  It is absolutely delicious and I am glad we discovered it!

Summer Bucket List #53: Tubing the Catawba

We wanted to do something special the last Saturday of the summer, so we headed to the Catawba River to go tubing.  This has been an item on our bucket list since the first summer we moved to the area.  The weather was perfect and we all agreed we would like to do it again....but with waterguns next time!

 Sadly, my phone got wet soon after these pictures were taken and stopped working.  Chad was able to fix it after a lot of hard work and research on YouTube!  He is the best!

Summer Bucket List #54: Celebrate Grandpa Scribner's Birthday

After tubing on Saturday, we drove to Pinehurst to have dinner with Grandpa to celebrate his big day!  Grandma made a delicious dinner and served PIE...Ryan's favorite food.   We are so grateful to have family close by that we can spend time with on a regular basis.  With a broken phone, I could not take a picture.  We had a wonderful time, but since we don't have visual proof, you will just have to believe us!

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