Sunday, August 14, 2016

Summer Bucket List Week 11: Goodbye Summer

Tomorrow we start back to school.

This week was full of activities, most of which were focused on prepping for school to start.  All of us got haircuts and we finished up back to school shopping. We managed to squeeze in several play dates at the pool, here at our house, and at friends' homes, as well.  We stayed up way too late every single night watching the Olympics and daydreaming about winning gold: Molly in synchronized swimming, Ryan in diving, and Andrew in fencing.

Summer Bucket List Item #55:  Tongue Crib 

On Monday. Andrew got his first piece of metal in his mouth, just in time to start middle school.  Luckily for him, it can't be seen, but it does cause his speech to be a little different and he was in a lot of pain the first few days and would only drink protein shakes.  Not a fun summer bucket list item, but an important one. Above is a picture from the internet, since Andrew didn't want me to take actual pictures of  his mouth.  (not that I blame him). 

Summer Bucket List Item #56: Enrolled in Fencing Class

Andrew tried fencing last summer and decided that he really loves it and has officially enrolled in fencing classes for the school year.  His coach is wonderful.  She is a Russian National Champion. So far, Andrew is the only student who does not speak Russian.  He is very excited to learn to fence and is also hoping to learn to speak Russian as well.  His first tournament is in a few weeks.  He has spent a lot of time this week online reviewing Olympic footage and researching colleges that have fencing teams.  He is very enthusiastic, and in true Andrew fashion, has thrown himself in 100%.

Summer Bucket List #57: Newsies

On Tuesday, I took Ryan on a surprise date to see Newsies.  The first time I showed the kids the Disney movie a couple of years ago, Ryan fell in love and watched it several times.  He made several comments at the time, saying that he didn't know that boys could be dancers, too.  It was the first time that I knew that Ryan really wanted to take dance classes.  It took him another year after that to decide he wanted to take classes, but he loves dancing, especially performing on stage.  I was able to get us seats in row E thanks to a student discount special they were running!  We were close enough to really see the dancers' feet. Ryan was mesmerized.  Throughout the show and the entire way home, he kept hugging me and thanking me for bringing him to see it.  He also requested that I find him an agent ASAP, so that he could be in the traveling production of Newsies.

Summer Bucket List #58: Birthday Dinner with Friends at Amelie's 

A few of my dearest friends got together and planned to take me out for my birthday this week at my favorite restaurant.  With all of our summer travels, this was the first time we were all in here in town.  I am blessed to be surrounded by such beautiful, kind, and thoughtful neighbors and am more grateful than words can express for their sisterhood.

Summer Bucket List #59: Meet the Teachers Night

On Thursday night, we were able to meet Molly's teacher, Miss Clevenger.  We have heard wonderful things about her and are optimistic that Molly's trend of having effective, sweet, kind, and caring teachers will continue this year. 

We already know Ryan's teacher, Mrs. Yasinski.  She was Andrew's favorite 4th grade teacher.  Ryan is thrilled to be in her class this year! We aren't allowed to choose our teachers at ILES, but I would have happily chosen either of these teachers for my kiddos!

Summer Bucket List #60: Andrew's Middle School Preview

The sixth graders were invited to go to school on Friday for a preview of the school.  They went on a tour, met their teachers, practiced opening their lockers, and finished off with a pizza party.  Andrew doesn't really know anyone on his team, but has lots of friends with him in his band class. 

That night, they were invited back for a locker decorating and snow cone party.

Summer Bucket List #61: Back to School Breakfast

I hosted our 2nd Annual neighborhood Back to School Breakfast as part of the Social Committee this weekend.  The kids made a banner for the teachers at our school, collected school supplies to donate to the school, and ate lots of yummy breakfast food.  We also arranged a uniform exchange.  All extra uniforms will be donated to our school for children who may need an extra set of clothes during the day or who do not have uniforms.

Summer Bucket List #62: Father's Blessings

The last thing we do each summer, before we head back to school, is hold a special Family Home Evening.  We sing songs about Jesus, mom gives a prayer inviting the Holy Ghost to be with us, and dad lays his hands upon each child, one at a time, to give them a blessing of strength as they start the new year.  I love hearing my husband ask God for special, individualized gifts for each of our children and to hear his encouraging counsel to them.  I am grateful for a husband who prays for our children and helps them to learn that all good things come from our Heavenly Father who loves us.

Goodbye summer.  I enjoyed every single moment I spent with my family this summer and am sad for it to be over.  Only 180 more school days until they are all mine again!

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