Monday, August 1, 2016

Summer Bucket List Week 9: Food Drive and Lots of Little Things

We slept in our own beds every night this week!  Which in and of itself should probably be a bucket list item.  Most of the week were small events, including four dental appointments. But there were a couple of picture worthy moments.

Summer Bucket List #39: Kindness Confetti Kids Neighborhood Food Drive 

The Kindness Confetti Kids collected food items door to door this week and delivered them to the Lancaster Christian Services Food Pantry.  The children collected 797 food items and $37.  We live in such a generous neighborhood.  Everyone was so kind to the children as they knocked on doors in 94 degree weather.  The lady who received the donations at the Food Pantry was very impressed with our children and went afterwards to buy them gift cards for ice cream.  The manager of Chick-fil-a was so impressed with what the kids had done, he donated gift cards for milkshakes for all of the kids instead of letting her purchase ice cream gift cards. Kindness is contagious!  I have loved participating in this fun group this summer and am sad we only have one more week.

Summer Bucket List #40: Pajama Day

The next day was declared pajama day.  The kids stayed in their pjs all day and got to do whatever they chose.  Which of course was pretty much nothing but play video games and watch netflix.  I tried to take a picture of that, but they all just looked like zombies, making the picture too scary to put online. :)  But they did play with toys a little bit, too. 

Summer Bucket List #41: Finish Summer Library Reading 

All three children finished their summer reading charts for school and the library a long time ago, but we haven't been around long enough to visit the library to pick up our prizes.  All three received certificates and books.  Molly and Ryan got medals and Andrew, the middle schooler, got candy.

Summer Bucket List #42: Finish Summer Slump School Assigned Work 

Molly and Ryan also finished their Bingo charts for school this week.  They had been working on it off on on during the summer.  It was a lot of work!

Summer Bucket List Item #43: Build a Dream Catcher 

Ryan made a dream catcher this week as part of a Cub Scout requirement.  Molly started one, too.  It isn't quite finished yet.

Summer Bucket List Item #44: Peach Cobbler in the Dutch Oven

Ryan did not get to make his dessert on our camping trip, since we got rained out that last night.  He made it instead for us this week at home.  It was delicious!  And since we ate it at home and not while camping, we got to enjoy it with ice cream.   I love how much my children enjoy cooking!

Summer Bucket List Item #45: Play with Friends 

Most of the week was spent playing at the pool and at our house with friends.  With traveling so much, the children didn't get a lot of friend time the last couple of weeks.  Molly and her friends love to put on shows for the moms.

Summer Bucket List Item #46: Work on the Golden Bull Book Trailer

As part of Andrew's summer assignment, he and two friends are creating a book trailer for the book they were asked to read before school begins.  They have spent many hours planning this project and filmed it this front of a green screen. We are all looking forward to seeing the final result some time this week.

Summer Bucket List Item #47: Dad and Ryan go to Carowinds

Chad is taking each of the kids to Carowinds alone this summer.  This week was Ryan's turn.

Summer Bucket List Item #48: Back to School Shopping

We headed to the stores for back to school supplies this week and got all we needed for school to begin in....11 days.  We went to use our free cupcake coupons from school when we finished shopping to celebrate.  I am in complete denial.  I am not ready for summer to be over.

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